Season 4 Episode 2

Negative Reaction

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1974 on NBC



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    • Galesco: (to Columbo) You're a gem! You're a little flawed, and you're not too bright, but you're a gem.

    • (Columbo enters a mission looking for a witness)
      Nun: You're hungry and tired, I can see that.
      Columbo: Uh, well, the fact is, I didn't sleep last night and I'm plenty tired.
      Nun: Oh, I am sorry. Would you wait here? (calling behind her) George, would you bring a tray? (turning back to Columbo) Won't you join us, Brother?
      Columbo: Join you for what?
      Nun: Come. I haven't seen you before, have I?
      Columbo: No, ma'am, no.
      Nun: Oh, that coat, that coat, that coat. Oh, I'm sure that we can find something nicer for you in the other room.

    • (After explaining that his dog is depressed since the dog next door has moved away)
      Columbo: Oh, uh, I don't suppose you have a picture of a cocker spaniel around, do ya?
      Paul Galesco: A picture?
      Columbo: You know, I mean, maybe I could tack up some kind of a picture. You know, something he could look at, kind of like a pin-up?
      Galesco: (annoyed) No, really, Lieutenant...
      Columbo: No, no, that's a terrible idea. I mean the dog is dumb but he won't fall for that. I mean the dog would know it wasn't her, right? Forget I mentioned it.
      Galesco: I will, Lieutenant.

    • Nun: I found exactly the right thing. It's warm. And look! It's hardly been used at all! Now, you stand up and we'll try it on.
      Columbo: You know, I appreciate what you're doing. I really do. But I've had this coat for seven years.
      Nun: Oh, you poor man.
      Wino: Don't be ashamed.
      Columbo: No, I'm very fond of it.

    • Galesco: Look at the negative in the back of the camera, Lieutenant. It proves I'm right.
      Columbo: Were you a witness to what he just did?
      Sergeant : Yes, Lieutenant.
      Columbo: Were you a witness to what he just did?
      1st Policeman: Yes, sir.
      Columbo: Were you a witness to what he just did?
      2nd Policeman: Yes, I am, sir.
      Galesco: Witness to what?
      Sergeant: You just incriminated yourself, sir. You identified the camera.

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