Season 10 Episode 5

No Time to Die

Aired Unknown Mar 15, 1992 on NBC

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  • Columbo and the Bride

    Things get personal for Columbo in the exciting thriller No Time to Die. When Columbo's nephew comes to him for help after his bride is abducted on their wedding night, Columbo only has a few hours to find her before her captor kills her. The writing does an impressive job at breaking away from the series formula while still keeping most of the traditional characteristics of a Columbo style mystery. The storytelling's also especially good, particularly at developing the characters and at building the plot. Additionally, the directing adds a lot of tension and suspense to the film. A well-crafted and intense crime drama, No Time to Die is an excellent entry into the Columbo series.
  • Columbo's nephew's new bride is kidnapped during their honeymoon. Columbo and the detective squad race to find her.

    Well, not quick as bad as Oroki suggests, it rather commonplace. It's also quite a departure from the Columbo formula. The perpetrator isn't shown at the start, so there's no cat-and-mouse as Columbo tries to get him to reveal himself. It's more of a typical police procedural.

    Also, since I don't rate editing the credits directly, I'll add the changes here:
    The episode was not written by Evan Hunter. The teleplay was Robert Van Scoyk, "based on a story by Ed McBain". To be exactly, it was based on the 87th Precinct novel "So Long As You Both Shall Live" by Ed McBain (which is a pen-name for Evan Hunter)

    Also, Thomas Calabro's character's name is "Det. Andy Parma", not "Det. Andy Parmer"
  • Columbo's nephew's wife was kidnapped at the wedding ceremony by a madman. The goal is to find her alive.

    I like Columbo but this episode was totally non-original. The dialogue was fake and unbelievable. I'd figured out exactly how it was going to end in the first twenty minutes. Did Peter Falk just need some money and tried a come-back? I'd expect much more from Peter Falk, Columbo. Don't waste your time like I did.
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