Season 10 Episode 5

No Time to Die

Aired Unknown Mar 15, 1992 on NBC

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  • Columbo's nephew's new bride is kidnapped during their honeymoon. Columbo and the detective squad race to find her.

    Well, not quick as bad as Oroki suggests, it rather commonplace. It's also quite a departure from the Columbo formula. The perpetrator isn't shown at the start, so there's no cat-and-mouse as Columbo tries to get him to reveal himself. It's more of a typical police procedural.

    Also, since I don't rate editing the credits directly, I'll add the changes here:
    The episode was not written by Evan Hunter. The teleplay was Robert Van Scoyk, "based on a story by Ed McBain". To be exactly, it was based on the 87th Precinct novel "So Long As You Both Shall Live" by Ed McBain (which is a pen-name for Evan Hunter)

    Also, Thomas Calabro's character's name is "Det. Andy Parma", not "Det. Andy Parmer"