Season 5 Episode 5

Now You See Him

Aired Unknown Feb 29, 1976 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Sgt. Wilson appeared previously in "The Greenhouse Jungle," but the character's first name there was Frederic there, while it is given as John here.

    • After Santini enters the lounge on his first performance, he performs three tricks before going to the stage. The third trick - making a flower vase appear on a table from behind a napkin - is clearly impossible. Not only the people at the table but everyone behind Santini would clearly see how the trick was done.

    • On three occasions outside The Cabaret of Magic, and once outside the locksmith's shop, you can see the same cream-colored Mustang drive by.

    • The sign on the club says it's the Cabaret of Magic. However, when Santini looks at the letter that Jerome was typing, it says that is the Magic Circle Club in Los Angeles.

  • Quotes

    • (Columbo is walking into the club wearing a new green raincoat)
      Policeman: Excuse me, sir.
      Columbo: I'm Lt. Columbo.
      Policeman: Oh, I'm sorry, Lieutenant. I didn't recognize you. You look different somehow.
      Columbo: I've had a haircut.

    • Columbo: (to Dog as he puts his new coat in the car) I'm going to leave this coat in the car. If someone tries to lift it, you look the other way.

    • (spotting Columbo coming)
      Santini: Oh no.
      Miss McCarthy: What's the matter?
      Santini: Someone I thought I'd seen the last of.
      Miss McCarthy: Do you think you could make him disappear too?
      Santini: Splendid suggestion but in his case I think rather doubtful.

    • Columbo: Your origin may be more humble than you make it appear.
      Santini: And what about you, Lieutenant? Beneath that ruffled exterior ticks away there ticks away heart of an empiricist philosopher probing for the truth at all costs.
      Columbo: I'm just doing my job.
      Santini: You make it so proletarian. And my job, if you will, has to do with appearances. I'm not what I appear to be. And then again, neither are you.

    • Columbo: Could you at least tell me which name it was? Was it Arlington or was it Kensington?
      Santini: Well, neither, actually. It was Washington.
      Columbo: Do you have a first name on that, sir?
      Santini: Martha.

    • Sgt. Wilson: You see, sir, we're stumped with the motive.
      Santini: Do you have a suspect?
      Columbo: Yes.
      Santini: You do?
      Columbo: We do. But we don't have a motive for you

    • Columbo: A letter addressed to the Department of Immigration and Nationalization that identifies you as a war criminal. Means, opportunity, and motive. It's enough to convict for first-degree murder.
      Santini: It's impossible. It's a trick and not a very good one.
      Columbo: A trick? No, that's the letter.
      Santini: Oh no, Lieutenant. No, you see, this letter was burned. (letter goes up in flames) So much for your letter.
      Columbo: (dramatically pulls another letter from his pocket) There's the letter! I hope you were watching carefully. That's my best trick. Of course, I don't have your style but I get pretty good results.

    • Santini: And I thought I'd performed the perfect murder.
      Columbo: Perfect murder, sir? Oh, I'm sorry, there's no such thing as a perfect murder. That's just an illusion.

  • Notes

    • Music: Charade (Henry Mancini, dubbed by Johnny Mercer)

    • Robert Loggia is credited as Special Guest Star.

    • With this appearance, Jack Cassidy becomes the second and last actor in the original series to play three separate roles as a murderer. Robert Culp was the first.

    • 85 minutes long.

    • Famed magician Mark Wilson stages the magic sequences for Jack Cassidy for this episode.

    • Bob Dishy makes his second of two appearances as Sgt. Wilson. His first was in the second season episode, "The Greenhouse Jungle." His character's name in "The Greenhouse Jungle" if Frederic Wilson, and in "Now You See Him" it became John J. Wilson.

    • In 2004 the cable channel Bravo used clips from various episodes to advertise its running of "Columbo" weekdays at 1:00pm est, including a clip of Jack Cassidy as Santini saying the word "Bravo".

  • Allusions

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