Season 6 Episode 2

Old Fashioned Murder

Aired Unknown Nov 28, 1976 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • At the end, Ruth confesses to the murder, in order to avoid having it brought out that she had previously murdered Janie's father. She doesn't want Janie hurt by this knowledge. Yet this woman arranged her brother's murder so that, if the police didn't go for the burglary theory, suspicion would fall on Janie.

  • Quotes

    • Phyllis Brandt: A search warrant! I have never been so insulted! Never! What does it look like?
      Columbo: I'm sorry, Mrs. Brandt. I thought the investigation warranted it.
      Phyllis: I'll have you disbarred for this, whatever the hell that word is.
      Columbo: Yes, ma'am. Fired I think is the word you want.
      Phyllis: Worse than that! You will never get another job, not in this city, not in this state, not in any police force in this country! I am not without certain influence, Lt. Columbus!

    • Phyllis Brandt: All right, Lieutenant. Examine me.
      Columbo: No, no. Uh, look, Mrs. Brandt. It's a very tragic thing. If you ever feel faint while I'm asking you questions you'll let me know-- I mean the last thing I want to do is upset you.
      Phyllis: (starts crying) Oh no! No! (she gets up and starts walking away)
      Columbo: (getting up and following her) I'm sorry! (steps on the hem of her dress, ripping it, causing her to turn and stare at him) Well, thank you, Mrs. Brandt. That's all the questions for today. Thank you.

    • (Attempting to question a hairdresser in a salon)
      Columbo: Excuse me. Darryl?
      Darryl: Yes? A challenge! But I'll do my best. Sit please, please.
      Columbo: Uh, no, actually I just wanted to ask a few questions.
      Darryl: Oh. Don't sue. Just wear a hat and never let him cut it again.
      Columbo: No, sir, uh... (looking in mirror) Is it that bad?
      Darryl: Um, yes, yes. Now that's all the questions I have time for. Next!

    • Sergeant: See something, sir?
      Columbo: Yeah. His watch is wrong. My watch cost $30. His must have cost a couple hundred and it's wrong. It says May 1st. Goes to show you money doesn't buy quality.
      Officer: Lieutenant, it is May 1st. Your watch is wrong. His watch is right.
      Columbo: Well, what do you expect for $30?

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