Season 4 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Mar 02, 1975 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Elizabeth is shot in the video playback, the killer supposedly shoots her from off-screen to the right side of the screen. However, the puff of smoke comes from the left side of the screen.

    • Martha Scott is clearly breathing as the killer steps over her corpse and leaves the manor.

    • Trivia: For the first time, Columbo fires a gun. However he doesn't aim at someone, it's just to prove a theory about the doors.

  • Quotes

    • (At an art gallery)

      Columbo: Uh, now this here. I see it doesn't have a title.

      Francine: That?

      Columbo: Yeah.

      Francine: That, sir, is the ventilator for the air conditioning.

      Columbo: Oh. That's the ventilator?

      Francine: Yeah.

      Columbo: Oh. (blushes) I'm embarrassed.

      Francine: Oh, no.

      Columbo: You won't tell anybody?

      Francine: Of course not. You know, I think you would appreciate the more traditional things. If you'll come with me, we have some beautiful landscapes upstairs. If you'd like to come and I'll show you--

      Columbo: Well, I'll tell you the truth about that, ma'am. I've got plenty of landscapes. Thank you very much. You see, my wife, she paints a little.

      Francine: Oh, does she?

      Columbo: Yeah. She buys those canvases with the numbers on them. You've seen 'em around. Yeah, you fill the spaces with the paints that have the corresponding numbers. They turn out pretty good.

    • Columbo: Good afternoon, Mr. Van Wyck.

      Van Wyck: Oh, what is it? A new experiment?

      Columbo: I'm sorry to bother you again so soon.

      Van Wyck: Perhaps it would be more convenient for you, Lieutenant, if you'd just move in one of our guest rooms.

    • Columbo: (talking to the gate man) So ordinarily he'd pull up in a car and tell you where he's going and you would come in here and you would record it on a log. But tonight he wrote it on a magazine in advance. I've got this funny habit. You know, when a person does something one way and then he suddenly does something another way I immediately think...(taps head). I'm sure it doesn't mean anything.

    • Columbo: This is this. This is what you presented at the art show the night of the murder. The problem is it was on the desk immediately after the shooting. How did it get to the art gallery? By your own testimony you took it there. But in order to get it off the desk you practically had to step over the body. That woman was shot before you left the house and you shot her.

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