Season 4 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Mar 02, 1975 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • (At an art gallery)

      Columbo: Uh, now this here. I see it doesn't have a title.

      Francine: That?

      Columbo: Yeah.

      Francine: That, sir, is the ventilator for the air conditioning.

      Columbo: Oh. That's the ventilator?

      Francine: Yeah.

      Columbo: Oh. (blushes) I'm embarrassed.

      Francine: Oh, no.

      Columbo: You won't tell anybody?

      Francine: Of course not. You know, I think you would appreciate the more traditional things. If you'll come with me, we have some beautiful landscapes upstairs. If you'd like to come and I'll show you--

      Columbo: Well, I'll tell you the truth about that, ma'am. I've got plenty of landscapes. Thank you very much. You see, my wife, she paints a little.

      Francine: Oh, does she?

      Columbo: Yeah. She buys those canvases with the numbers on them. You've seen 'em around. Yeah, you fill the spaces with the paints that have the corresponding numbers. They turn out pretty good.