Season 2 Episode 5

Requiem for a Falling Star

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 1973 on NBC

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  • Columbo Pursues a Star

    Anne Baxter stars in the Columbo thriller Requiem for a Falling Star. The story follows an aging Hollywood starlet who murders her assistant and stages it to look like a case of mistaken identity; and it's up to Lt. Columbo to sort it all out. The plot has a fair amount of depth to it, but the resolution is a bit too simplistic and is somewhat anticlimactic. However, Baxter has good on-screen chemistry with Peter Falk, and gives a very strong and engaging performance. A well-crafted mystery film, Requiem for a Falling Star is full of suspense and intrigue.
  • Spoilers

    A fairly comprehensive view of Hollywood history from its days of independence to the acquisition of parent companies, written authoritatively by Jackson Gillis and directed with a sense of Hollywood hectics and a certain gusto by Richard Quine (Columbo spots a television across the room behind the camera and crosses over to it, while the camera speedily pans on him and then jockeys into position to pick up the tail end of the shot).
    Faded movie actress Nora Chandler (Anne Baxter) is being blackmailed by a gossip columnist, Jerry Parks (Mel Ferrer). Parks is also romancing Chandler's secretary (Pippa Scott) who knows all the great star's secrets. Chandler in desperation blows up the columnist's car – but it turns out her secretary was the one driving.