Season 9 Episode 4

Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo

Aired Unknown Mar 31, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

Vivian Dimitri's husband was an embezzler and would later kill someone who was threatening to have him arrested. Columbo would catch him and he would be sent to prison and would die there. She would have a mental breakdown. Upon her release she would go and work for Charlie Chambers, who gave Columbo the information that led to her husband's arrest. But it was kept secret but she somehow found out. She now plans to kill him and Columbo but before going after Columbo, she wants to show Columbo how it feels to lose someone he loves by going after his wife. After killing Chambers and while Columbo investigates his death, she cozies up to him and asks that she, he and his wife should get together. Thinking that Columbo doesn't know who she is, she gives him a bottle of preserves that are poisoned. Later Columbo is informed that his wife is ill and dies. After her funeral, she asks Columbo if she could accompany him to his house. And it is there that he eats the poisoned preserves and as he is about to die, she tells Columbo how much she hates him and how she killed Charlie and established her alibi, but at the last moment, Columbo reveals that he is not dying. It seems that Columbo knew who she was all the time. He had the preserves analyzed. And he also went to see the doctor who treated her and while he could not reveal anything from their sessions, he could talk about the psychosis she was suffering from and that she probably feels the need to show him how much smarter she is, that was what the whole thing was. She also finds out that his wife is not dead; that the whole funeral was staged.