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  • They don't make them like this anymore.

    Who would have ever thought from his first appearance that in the era of technicolor and advanced television graphics and special effects the show from the 70's that has lived the longest, and stood the test of time would have been the one about a cigar smoking, worn out rain coat wearing, 1959 Peugot driving police lieutenant named Columbo. These mysteries which originally appeared as part of the ABC Sunday Night Mysteries, with Macmillan and Wife, McCloud and Banacek featured Peter Falk as the bumbling homicide investigator. Atleast he always appeared bumbling and disheveled. Actually he made a career out of luring the bad guy into a false sense of security before lowering the boom on him or her. He would leave the room, always to return with a quick; "one more thing", causing our villain to squirm. Yes this series of mysteries doesnt feature high fashion, or race cars. No special studio effects or nude scenes. But for must watch mysteries that remind you of a cat playing with the mouse, I personally reccommend Columbo to all! They most certainly do not make them like this anymore.
  • This is THE Police-Drama.

    I used to watch Colombo when I was kid with my grandmother, and always loved him since then. He's exceptionally smart and wise but pretends to be a distracted, silly-chatter, humble cop ending up being underestimated, a mistake that usually sends his opponents straight to jail. The guy has style, really. Also, I like the constant references to his misterious wife and his first name (both of which never revealed to the public), not to mention his sergeant (Wilson) which always THINKS he can solve the cases in the easiest way except being contradicted at the end by the wisest Lieutenent.
  • "Oh just one more As LT Columbo always says...

    I always find myself laughing at the criminal in each episode because little do they know just what they are getting themselves into. If the killer knew that just hours after the crime has been committed a seemingly dim witted police officer would badger them with questions night and day until he finally catches him or her, they NEVER would have committed the crime :P

    Columbo is a truley loveable police lieutenant who will walk into a murder scene with his broken down car, smelly cigar, worn trench coat and almost automatically know who the killer is. He starts by finding tiny details in a crime that (quote) "bother him," (unquote).

    I will NEVER forget the episode where someone asks, "Lieutenant Columbo, do you u have a first name?"

    He only smiles and answers politely, "yes: its Lieutenant"
  • I love this show!

    I'm definitely a fan of detective TV series and Columbo would probably the best. He's very clever and funny at the same time! This was a brilliant series from our era so I want to own my personal copy of this show. This is a very exciting show and I never missed watching a single episode of it! Mr. Falk did an outstanding job portraying his character in this superb series. I also wanted to share that I recently tried to purchase the complete season of this show as I'm dying to watch all the episodes again. I purchased a DVD copy from . I would have to say that this seller made a good transfer of this show, I received a good quality set and most importantly, it has all the episodes of the entire series. It was a good copy at all. Peter Falk touched so many lives with one-of-a-kind TV show I won't get tired watching Columbo and until now his memory remains on my heart and forever will be.
  • A brilliant example of 70’s crime drama.

    Columbo is just one of my favourite detective shows that have ever been made, I make a habit of watching any repeats that appear every so often on Saturdays and Sundays.

    It is a perfect example of what a detective show should be. Peter Falk stars as a detective that isn’t what he seems, infact the police on scene always think that he is some kind of civilian who is a bit confused. The murderer thinks he’s created the perfect murder and are sure they have nothing to worry about after Columbo has talked to them about his wife and is being so nice, until there’s “Just one more thing”.

    The beauty of the series is that we all know who killed who, which is what most crime series use to keep the suspense. Instead the audience watch the hapless detective piece things together from seemingly insignificant and unrelated pieces of evidence.

    All of this is topped of with some of the greatest performances in a crime drama ever, one that comes to mind is the outstanding performance of Patrick McGoohan in “By Dawn´s Early Light” for which he won an Emmy. Stephen Spielberg even directed an episode. Peter Falk also did some of his best work on Columbo in which he was the only character to appear in all of the episodes, he will always be remembered for this role.
  • Brilliant

    peter Falk does a excellent job as acting the role of LT Columbo who is a most well mannered bumbeling dectective who at nights can not sleep over the smallest details. the great thing about Columbo is that at the biggining of every show you see the murderer and the crime taking place before columbo arrives. this allows the criminal and columbo to go head to head ittle of wits. i believe this is a brilliant show but some episodes do get repetitive after a while ut there are often brilliant ones as well. IF you like monk than you will love Columbo
  • Peter Falk should be declared a national treasure. The quirky-yet-brilliant detective character has long been a staple of fiction, yet Falk managed to singlehandedly re-write the book on how it should be portrayed. Columbo is an archetype for the ages.

    Unkempt, gravel-voiced, seemingly dumb as a bag-o'-rocks, Lieutenant Columbo (I still can't believe we never found out his first name) shuffled his way into our hearts in the 1970's in a series of NBC Mystery Movies. Falk, while not the first actor to play the part, became the definitive Columbo. The show became an unqualified hit due to Falk's genius interpretation of the title role and due to the popular and prominent actors who guest-starred. Another attraction was the unique way the mystery was presented each week: while the audience almost always knew the identity of the murderer from the start, the mystery was how Columbo was going to catch them. So, the audience was invited each week to test their sleuthing skills and find the mistake the murderer made in committing the seemingly perfect crime. Though the quality of the episodes varies, none are less than enjoyable, and many are all-time classics. Consult an episode guide for more information- and enjoy!

    Oh, and-sorry to bother you- there's just one more thing...
  • Great Classics

    Awesome blast from the past detective show. Any generation will love watching this classic police story show.
  • Columbo

    This is one show that I enjoyed very much. Plus there were lots of great stars who came on the show. Columbo always asked the suspect , Just one more question. Classic.

  • Great!

    I love the story, the character, the actor...Columbo forever :-)
  • The one and only...

    The best show of all times! Great story, great actor!

    I remember the when my and my dad watch Columbo in the 90's on Swedish television. My dad had seen some of the episodes way back in the 70's, so I always tried to guess what mistake the killer did and see if I was right.

    It's a wonder, that in a time where most all crime shows on the air includes blood and violence, Columbo still is number one in my book. You don't have to see the shooting or alot of blood, the show is one of very few that makes you think "what mistake did he make", and to see how Columbo works is brilliant. Peter Falk does the role of Lt. Columbo perfectly, and it's just a shame that they didn't make more episodes in the 70's and 80's.

    I still, to this day, watch old episodes with the same interest as my first time.
  • When I read "The Day Of The Jackal" guess who I recognized? Columbo!

    Yep, it's true. The personality of the bumbling, fumbling detective is right there in that book, written before the tv series. The man even rambles about his wife. He acts like an incompetent boob, but underneath it all, he comes up with ingenius conclusions and runs the show. And that's where they got Columbo.

    Great episodes, with perfect casting of Peter Falk in the lead, and a great technique that works over and over again: letting the viewer witness the murder before hand and watching the detective wend his way into solving the case. That's so backwards, that's so--Jeopardy!

    One of my all time favorites.
  • I need more...

    Peter Falk, yes he is one of the best at this of being one of the best dectives for a tv show. I wish he was doing some more of these shows, cause I would be there in front of the tv to catch more of his episodes, got to love how he would play with the people that he new that did do the crime, humor them to the point that they thought they had him as a stupid dective when in all sense they were had and just didnt know it yet, I loved the way he would dress like a bum on the street and would throw them off and didnt dress in a fancy suit and tie, and that jacket and his cigars, wouldnt leave home without them, and oh cant forget about that car that was falling apart, but hey he says that one day it would become a classic, and you know here to this day just because he had it, it is a Classic, I know he is getting alot older and I havent herd of him dying, but if he was able to do more, that would be great, and I have seen I am sure all of his reruns.
  • The only real show about how to use brains in good way...

    I was watching this show as a little kid and i must admit that i have learned much from it in a good way. This is the show that can show you and what is most important teach you how to use a brain in a good, smart and a positive way. We need more shows like this. I am sick and tired of those action packed cop movies and also dont like the way other shows are made. This show shows how most complicated crimes can be solved in a very simple and cheap way. The only problem is that you need to have someone who knows how to use brains to solve crime. And Columbo is just the right man for the job!
  • A fantastic mind at work. This is a TV show that has excellent scripting, acting and directing in the episodes.

    From watching this as a little gal at my Mom's side, to watching it on cable and still loving it, this show has captivated me. Columbo has a brillant way that he plays the opposing forces and he can get them to walk right into giving themselves away. This shows some excellent writing, some great acting and some dynamite directing. With Guest stars that made you sit up and take notice, it was a show that lasted from the 70's, 80's and 90's. It never wore out.
  • great DVD set!

    I can describe Columbo as a perfect show for me a classic legendary TV series that everybody loves to watch during our era. He is such a great hero in every episode! It really fascinates me on how he solved each cases. Peter Falk always gives his best portraying his role and I do totally miss those days watching this legendary show that's why I tried my luck purchasing a DVD copy of this show online. I read some reviews from many sites that there are lots of scams running around that's why I took time to read more reviews and suggestions. I ordered a copy at memorylanedvd dot com which happens to be a trustworthy company. They have a good customer service and always provide follow-ups on the shipping status of my DVDs. When I received the packaged, I checked the first disc and noticed that the quality is good. It also came well-conditioned. I'm very glad to own this as it will certainly brings back not only the memories but also the enjoyment watching this classic show.
  • A television series that was part of "The NBC Sunday Night Mystery Movies". A show that was more of a whatdunnit than a whodunnit.

    Peter Falk gives a great performance as a Homicide detective who drive an old car, wears a frumpy rain coat and acts like he is dazed and confused. His suspect are wealthy and have committed the perfect crime, Columbo thinks of every way of cracking cases and finding out who is the culprit. He has a famous catch phrase "Just One More Thing" which was added to the lexicon of the English language. His character is based on a Dovstievsky novel "Crimes and Punishment".

    Columbo also has a list of great guest stars as well. Including Robert Culp, Leslie Nielson, Roddy McDowell, Brenda Vacarro, William Shatner, Jack Cassidy, Ray Milland, Bradford Dillman, Jose Ferrer and many others.
  • Uh, I don't mean to bother you. There's just one more question I have...

    "Columbo" is the greatest mystery/detective show ever.

    Wait, I need 100 words minimum. OK, I'll go on, even though the first sentence is absolutely true. The best way to prove the above to someone is to show them an episode, really any episode of the 1970s NBC run of the show. (More on the 1980s revival in a bit) A format that turned the mystery series on its ear with a "how" rather than "whodunnit." Indeed, every "Columbo" save one follows this rule, and it heightens the suspense of how the killer who has just committed his or her "perfect crime" will be apprehended. Taut scripts, clever crimes dreamed up by some of TV's best writers (including Steven Bochco and Jackson Gillis), dynamic guest actors dropping by as killers and victims, and anchoring it all was Peter Falk.

    An Academy Award nominee and four-time Emmy winner as Lt. Columbo, Falk displays consistent acting brilliance. He doesn't just wear the raincoat and say the lines, he BECOMES Columbo in a way I haven't seen duplicated in a TV (and in very few film) actors. His improvisational use of props, the way he can speak volumes with a hand wave. Falk never turns in a bad performance, and is watchable in every one of these shows. He was a perfectionist and drew better work out of those around him, and chose to work with the very best. Donald Pleasance, Dick Van Dyke Patrick McGoohan, Martin Landau, Jack Cassidy, Ruth Gordon and Vera Miles were among the guest killers in the show's original seven year run.

    What added to the greatness of this show were the scenes in the final moments when Columbo confronted a suspect with a key piece of evidence. Rarely (if ever) did they launch into a Perry Mason-like confession or go into hysterics. They would usually hang their head in a silent admission of defeat, and be peacefully led away by an officer, leaving Columbo to shake his head at another case closed. Brilliant.

    ABC revived the series in the late 80s, and these episodes are going to start coming out on DVD in April. While not bad by any stretch of the imagination, they lacked the quality in acting of the originals, and suffer in comparison to those earlier shows. But it's still Peter Falk in that coat, and he's just as sharp and ready for action as he was back then. In other words, the newer "Columbo" episodes are better than anything except the older "Columbo" episodes.

    A must-see for any mystery fan, or someone who just enjoys quality television that is well written and acted, both of which we see less and less of today.
  • The best detective ever in the best detective show ever!

    I love columbo,he is the best detective ever in the best detective show ever!!!I have seen every episode of Columbo,many of them many times and i will still wery likely loke at them again.Nobody beats Lt Columbo,he is never wrong exept ones,only ones in 69 cases,that is briliant!!!!!!I dont know any other detective that could ever impress me as much as Columbo even at his worst(it is nearly same as his best).I will always love this show the best of all detective shows no doubt about it.Columbo is my all time favourite and i have learned much from him since i have seen all episodes.Sore im no match for him,but im mutch for other detectives and im no detective!!Thanks to Columbo i wanna be detective.
  • in my opinion, the beginning of the excellent detectives era.

    Late at night before i had to go to bed, my dad and myself would sit down together and watch Columbo. Columbo was always brilliant enough to solve the mystery in the end, and i loved how they pieced alot of random things together so later on in the season you start to get good at pointing out what will be of importance and what might just be in there to fool you. Columbo is one of the best old detective shows in my mind because even now i can still watch it and not get bored. this show was awesome back then, and still awesome in my mind now.
  • The Best Detective Show Ever!

    For me, Columbo reigns as the best fictional detective program of all time. A true classic in all respects. It always kept me interested as the case unfolded and managed to put a smile on my face because Columbo himself was a very charming character with unique mannerisms and ways of getting to the bottom of his cases.

  • I was such a little boy, when this show was on air in Finland.. at 70´s I think, but it was very interesting to see Mr. Columbo doing his detective work.. I am keen to see it again !

    I remember, that when Mr. Columbo was wearing his very old beige trenchcoat and driving with his old convertible Peugeot.. it was very amousing and such a funny thing, because he was very different man comparing to other people and his brilliant mind impressed me very much ! Peter Falk is very talented and absolutely fabulous actor at all...!
  • A modern day "Crime and Punishment"

    In the classic novel Crime and Punishment, a young man commits a crime at the very beginning and the rest of the story revolvs around how a determined policeman uses deduction and psychological pressure to finally make the suspect confess to his crime.

    In the TV series Columbo, Peter Falk plays an unassuming police detective who always befriends the criminal after surveying the crime scene. The criminal predictable tries hi/her best to be in Columbo's good books while trying to throw the suspicion on someone else. On the other hand, Columbo, keeps questioning the criminal while trying to piece together the puzzling mystery, eventually making the criminal say or do something which exposes his crime. The cat and mouse game played in every episode of Columbo always has a unique plot, a very clever criminal and Columbo's insatiable quest for the truth. I have often asked myself, if Peter Falk did not play the role of Columbo, who else could have done full justice to this character. The answer invariably has been: Nobody !
  • Fantastic!

    This is no ordinary cop-show. Lt. Columbo has been one of my favourite shows since the first time I've seen it. There usually is a murder which we see at the beginning of every episode. We see how and why the villain commits that crime. Then Columbo arrives. He's the most unhortodox policeman I've ever seen, he always wears the same clothes, he has a dog (in italy it was simply named "dog") and he starts asking questions. All the murderers he investigates on are tricked by his goofyness but his mind is very sharp. An absolute must-see for any mystery-lover!
  • Just one more thing, OK maybe two or three more things.

    I actually had a friend say that she didn't like Columbo because you knew who did it as soon as you saw the guest star. Yes, and. It's not supposed to be a who-dunnit. We do know right away, and so does Columbo. Sherlock Holmes used science to find clues to find the culprit. Columbo a master of human nature, knows right away and just pecks, and pecks until the moment when the culprit knows that Columo knows, then the jig is up.

    Some of my favorite things of the show are #1: We never learn his first name. #2 The time the guilty "help" Columbo solve his crime, furtering the temperature of water they are in. #3 We never see the perverbial wife. She could be his Watson, or a divice he uses to further his appearence of ineptitude. #4 The car and the coat.

    Monk is good but there is no one like Columbo.
  • Part of the 70's Mystery Movies which shared rotation with McCloud, and McMillan about a LA Homicide Detective who is craftier then he appears.

    I love this show. This was a ground breaking tv to me. For once we see a middle aged detective who looks like a detective should. Usually the police we saw on TV were very gallant and handsome. I want to add that I never really fell for the bumbling cop routine because to become a homicide detective you have to be the best detectives on the force. It was very real also because of Columbo's age which is consistent with most Homicide detectives and the fact he talked about never using his gun. Something I find most police never use in their career.
    The other groundbreaking aspect was we knew who the killer was right from the bat. And it looks like Columbo knows who it is too. The best part of the show is that the killer is usually some pompous jerk who thinks they are not only smarter then everyone, but treats Columbo like a pest and the village idiot. It is a cat and mouse game from start to finish and Columbo has got a big hunk of cheese in the pocket of that raggedy trench coat he wears.
    The only reason Columbo doesn't arrest the criminal when he first meets them is because he just needs the one piece of evidence that will trip them up. And that is what drives the plot. It is particularly rewarding when the sword drops because by the end of the show we can't stand the jerk.
    Some episodes are better then others but none of them are bad. I am not crazy about the Columbo's made in the 90's. That is because they changed the structure of the show which made it so good from the start. Some plots didn't even involve murders. There was one about a kidnapped bride that was unwatchable. But 3 or 4 were good like the one with Fisher Steven's as a Stephen Spielberg type director, or the 2 college students who thought they were smarter then Columbo, the one with Faye Dunaway. And one I think was a remake, Uneasy Lies the Crown, which originally was with Larry Hagman All of the early episodes are great.
    You get to see Falk acting with his Hollywood buddies like John Cassavetes. But Peter Falk was the one and only star of the show he had no regular co stars. This a great show. I enjoy
  • A murder mystery show that tells you who the killer is at the begining of each episode, and still manages to keep you at the edge of your seat by setting up and following to the end the battle between a homicide detective and a murderer.

    This show is simply the best ever. The guest stars are ALL excellent, the writing is outstanding, and the the Character of Columbo is definatly my favorite character of all time. I still record every episode that comes on TV where i live and watch it when i get home from work even though i have seen them all MANY, MANY times...i will NEVER tire of a single episode. The fact that you can fill out a detailed bio of Columbos wife if you have seen all the episodes, even though she never appeared on the show even once...that is just GENIUS...


  • a showed that was brilliant and started it all

    columbo was awsome show i was born in the 90s and show came out years ago i grew up watching the reruns of the show and liked it . it was such a great show the way he would ask questions and then figure things out . this show was hit and got other shows to be made like this like shaft, and monk and even others that have come out in todays time. such a brilliant show and the plots and the stories and each mystry for columbo to solve . i think this show got things started in this catagory .
  • Classic drama!

    What a great "Columbo" episode. For fans, this has everything. A brilliant adversary. A tricky plot. Deftly chosen jokes. And a twist ending that comes like a thunderclap.

    Dr. Mayfield (Leonard Nimoy) is a surgeon with an ingenious scheme for murdering the kindly Dr. Hidemann, his infuriatingly cautious partner in a research project. But Hidemann's devoted nurse (Anne Francis) catches on to the scheme, and Mayfield murders her to prevent discovery. It's up to our Lt. Columbo (Peter Falk) not only to find out who killed the nurse but prevent another murder from taking place.

    Two things often trip up even the best writers of this series. One is the ending. Too often an episode ends with Columbo revealing a damning piece of evidence that doesn't seem all that damning. Or he tricks the killer into giving himself away, which never quite feels satisfactory. I won't give away this ending, of course. Let's just say it'll please the most demanding fan.

    The other thing is the comedy scenes. Columbo affects dimwittedness and bad manners to trick his quarry into underestimating him. But too often the writers seem to think that he is genuinely a buffoon. For instance, there's a terrible scene in "Dagger of the Mind" where he inadvertently creates havoc at an airport. It's not funny, and it's not our Columbo. "A Stitch in Crime," by contrast, has some splendidly comic moments where he is not a clown, just a bit inattentive to manners. What he does with a hardboiled egg is priceless.

    He also has the standard scene where something makes him queasy. In "Ransom for a Dead Man" it's the airplane ride. In "Dead Weight" it's the boat ride. Here it's hospitals, especially the operating room. But I like how he's able to steel himself when it really counts. I also love a novel moment. We actually see our faux-obsequious detective drop the pretense and lose his temper. I don't think he's done that since "Prescription: Murder."

    Leonard Nimoy is essentially Mr. Spock in a white coat. His Dr. Mayfield is better able to keep his emotions at bay than just about any other murderer in the series. He makes brilliant move after brilliant move, but Columbo checks him every time. And then in the very last frame: checkmate.
  • Columbo!!

    I think i saw more of the movies then the TV series, but i don't really think it matters cause its Columbo!! Its one of my favorite drama shows on TV. The only thing i really didn't like was that you knew who did it before columbo starts to search for the guy. Other then that its a perfect show, I like pretty well all the classic shows cause thats when they could really make a good series, and wow, they make this one great. I still watch it on SUN TV sometimes hahah. Its an awesome Drama series, one of the best.
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