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  • Peter Falk should be declared a national treasure. The quirky-yet-brilliant detective character has long been a staple of fiction, yet Falk managed to singlehandedly re-write the book on how it should be portrayed. Columbo is an archetype for the ages.

    Unkempt, gravel-voiced, seemingly dumb as a bag-o'-rocks, Lieutenant Columbo (I still can't believe we never found out his first name) shuffled his way into our hearts in the 1970's in a series of NBC Mystery Movies. Falk, while not the first actor to play the part, became the definitive Columbo. The show became an unqualified hit due to Falk's genius interpretation of the title role and due to the popular and prominent actors who guest-starred. Another attraction was the unique way the mystery was presented each week: while the audience almost always knew the identity of the murderer from the start, the mystery was how Columbo was going to catch them. So, the audience was invited each week to test their sleuthing skills and find the mistake the murderer made in committing the seemingly perfect crime. Though the quality of the episodes varies, none are less than enjoyable, and many are all-time classics. Consult an episode guide for more information- and enjoy!

    Oh, and-sorry to bother you- there's just one more thing...