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  • They don't make them like this anymore.

    Who would have ever thought from his first appearance that in the era of technicolor and advanced television graphics and special effects the show from the 70's that has lived the longest, and stood the test of time would have been the one about a cigar smoking, worn out rain coat wearing, 1959 Peugot driving police lieutenant named Columbo. These mysteries which originally appeared as part of the ABC Sunday Night Mysteries, with Macmillan and Wife, McCloud and Banacek featured Peter Falk as the bumbling homicide investigator. Atleast he always appeared bumbling and disheveled. Actually he made a career out of luring the bad guy into a false sense of security before lowering the boom on him or her. He would leave the room, always to return with a quick; "one more thing", causing our villain to squirm. Yes this series of mysteries doesnt feature high fashion, or race cars. No special studio effects or nude scenes. But for must watch mysteries that remind you of a cat playing with the mouse, I personally reccommend Columbo to all! They most certainly do not make them like this anymore.