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  • great DVD set!

    I can describe Columbo as a perfect show for me a classic legendary TV series that everybody loves to watch during our era. He is such a great hero in every episode! It really fascinates me on how he solved each cases. Peter Falk always gives his best portraying his role and I do totally miss those days watching this legendary show that's why I tried my luck purchasing a DVD copy of this show online. I read some reviews from many sites that there are lots of scams running around that's why I took time to read more reviews and suggestions. I ordered a copy at memorylanedvd dot com which happens to be a trustworthy company. They have a good customer service and always provide follow-ups on the shipping status of my DVDs. When I received the packaged, I checked the first disc and noticed that the quality is good. It also came well-conditioned. I'm very glad to own this as it will certainly brings back not only the memories but also the enjoyment watching this classic show.