Columbo - Season 8

NBC (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • Grand Deceptions
    Grand Deceptions
    Episode 4
    Colonel Frank Brailie runs a private military foundation for soldiers. General Paget, the owner of the facility, has become suspicious when a large amount of money seems to be going to a "Special project fund."
  • Sex and the Married Detective
    A sex therapist catches her boyfriend with another woman when he thinks she is out of town. She then disguises herself and manages to kill him while in disguise -- not realizing that a potential suitor saw her enter the bathroom as a dark-haired woman and exit as a blonde.
  • Murder, Smoke and Shadows
    Movie director and wunderkind Alex Bradey keeps everyone dancing to his tune - his producer, the studio, his leading man and his ex-girlfriend whom he set up together to keep the actor in his film. But an old friend of Bradey's shows up and wants revenge for the death of his sister, whom Bradey ended up getting killed in a high-school film stunt and then covered up. Bradey maneuvers the friend into being electrocuted on a film set that he orders watered down for a film shoot. The off-schedule order to water down the street is just the first of several clues that Columbo notes as he investigates the "accidental" death, and he soon figures out that Bradey is the one responsible. Columbo isn't the only problem Alex has - his producer is cancelling his film due to cost overruns and missed deadlines, and his secretary has figured out he had the brother killed and resorts to blackmail. Finally, Alex falls prey to a staged scene of his own when Columbo proves his own superior ability to direct by setting up a con to get Alex to confess his crime on a movie set as the film of the accidental death shows in the background.moreless
  • Columbo Goes to the Guillotine
    A fake psychic conspires with an old friend (who debunks psychics) to convince a secret government agency that he really is a psychic. Afterwards he meets with the old friend, a magician, at the magician's workshop and kills him to settle a long-standing grudge. The psychic makes the death look as if the magician was killed accidentally by a guillotine he used as a trick.moreless