Season 7 Episode 5

The Conspirators

Aired Unknown May 13, 1978 on NBC



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    • Joe Devlin: Do you know these lines, Lieutenant? They're by Lewis Carroll. "You can charge me with murder or want of sense. We are all of us weak at times. But the slightest approach to a false pretense was never among my crimes."

      Columbo: Well, sir, you pretended to raise money to help the Irish victims and all the while you were planning to make more victims. Wasn't that a pretense, sir?

      Devlin: Politics makes liars of us all, Lieutenant.

    • Columbo: There once was a fella named Finnegan, who escaped from a jail, so to sin again
      he broke laws by the dozen,
      he even stole from his cousin,
      so the jail he broke outta he's in again.

    • Columbo: Forgive me, ma'am, for being indelicate like that but you know all the years that I've been doing this kind of work I still don't know how to make it sound inoffensive when one person kills another.

    • Joe Devlin: We execute traitors, Mr. Pauley. Didn't you know that?

    • Columbo: This far, and no farther (last line of the older Columbo episodes)

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  • Allusions

    • Columbo: nephew's the needlepointer. It seems to relax him before he goes into those weightlifting contests.

      This is a jocular reference to Franco Columbo - world champion body builder and friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger.