Season 2 Episode 2

The Greenhouse Jungle

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1972 on NBC
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The Greenhouse Jungle

Jarvis Goodland, along with his nephew, plan a kidnap scam to break the nephew's trust fund, but after the money has been collected, Jarvis kills his partner.

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  • Columbo in the Jungle

    The Greenhouse Jungle is an impressive crime thriller that has some unexpected twists. When Tony Goodland conspires with his uncle to stage a fake kidnapping in order to break his trust fund, his uncle betrays and murders him to get the money; meanwhile Lt. Columbo is partnered with Sgt. Wilson, an up-and-coming detective who's eager to solve the Goodland kidnapping by the book. The storytelling's fairly well-done and does a good job at unraveling the murder plot. And, the Sgt. Wilson character is a welcomed addition to the series, and he acts as a good foil to Columbo and his old fashion methods. A smart and entertaining mystery, The Greenhouse Jungle is another solid entry into the Columbo series.moreless
  • Spoilers

    Ray Milland makes an excellent adversary for Columbo. In The Greenhouse Jungle, he proves he could chew the scenery with the best of Hollywood. Columbo's "partner", Sergeant Wilson (Bob Dishy), is one of the few comic relief type characters I've ever seen that is really funny. The rest of the supporting cast is also quite good.

    The way Columbo solves the murder in this one is truly surprising. Even though the clue that leads to the resolution of the murder is in plain sight, I didn't realize what it was or even why it was in the movie. It's a notch above the normal Columbo fare.

Bob Dishy

Bob Dishy

Sgt. Fred Wilson

Guest Star

Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith

Cathy Goodland

Guest Star

William Smith (I)

William Smith (I)

Ken Nichols

Guest Star

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    • Columbo: You see that?

      Jarvis Goodland: What is it?

      Columbo: Third bullet. Also a 32-caliber and also proven by Ballistics to have been fired by the same weapon that fired the first two bullets. Mr. Goodland, I just don't know how you're gonna explain this.

    • Gloria: Look, I mean I said he wasn't a very strong person. But then who is? I mean, look at me. I eat carbohydrates all the time.

    • Sgt Wilson: Lieutenant--Lieutenant? As you probably noticed, there are 3 cups, 3 plates, 3 different brands of cigarettes. That means there were two persons here besides the victim. That's obvious.

      Columbo: Yeah. Awfully obvious.

    • Sgt Wilson: Did you ever see one of these before, Lieutentant?

      Columbo: Uh, no, not sure I have. Looks kind of familiar, though.

      Wilson: It's a camera mounted starlight scope. They use them quite a bit at Burglary for night work.
      Columbo: You mean that takes pictures in the dark?

      Wilson: (nods) I bought this one myself.

      Columbo: You used your own money?

      Wilson: Well, I wanted to have the best equipment for the job, sir.

      Columbo: You must be a bachelor.

    • Sgt Wilson: I asked permission from Captain Richey to work right along side you, sir.

      Columbo (dismayed): You're going to work along with me?
      Wilson: I do hope that's acceptable to you, sir. Uh, Captain Richey did say you were fast becoming (pause) a legend in the department.

      Columbo: Captain Richey said that?

      Wilson: Oh yes, indeed.

      Columbo (pleased): Oh.

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