Season 2 Episode 2

The Greenhouse Jungle

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1972 on NBC



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    • Columbo: You see that?

      Jarvis Goodland: What is it?

      Columbo: Third bullet. Also a 32-caliber and also proven by Ballistics to have been fired by the same weapon that fired the first two bullets. Mr. Goodland, I just don't know how you're gonna explain this.

    • Gloria: Look, I mean I said he wasn't a very strong person. But then who is? I mean, look at me. I eat carbohydrates all the time.

    • Sgt Wilson: Lieutenant--Lieutenant? As you probably noticed, there are 3 cups, 3 plates, 3 different brands of cigarettes. That means there were two persons here besides the victim. That's obvious.

      Columbo: Yeah. Awfully obvious.

    • Sgt Wilson: Did you ever see one of these before, Lieutentant?

      Columbo: Uh, no, not sure I have. Looks kind of familiar, though.

      Wilson: It's a camera mounted starlight scope. They use them quite a bit at Burglary for night work.
      Columbo: You mean that takes pictures in the dark?

      Wilson: (nods) I bought this one myself.

      Columbo: You used your own money?

      Wilson: Well, I wanted to have the best equipment for the job, sir.

      Columbo: You must be a bachelor.

    • Sgt Wilson: I asked permission from Captain Richey to work right along side you, sir.

      Columbo (dismayed): You're going to work along with me?
      Wilson: I do hope that's acceptable to you, sir. Uh, Captain Richey did say you were fast becoming (pause) a legend in the department.

      Columbo: Captain Richey said that?

      Wilson: Oh yes, indeed.

      Columbo (pleased): Oh.

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