Season 2 Episode 7

The Most Dangerous Match

Aired Unknown Mar 04, 1973 on NBC

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  • l'antichristo has really said it all. Harvey is a joy to watch, and such an antithesis to the old man Harvey: young, brilliant, ego-ridden, and --surprisingly---very hard of hearing. The old man is continental, with a thick accent, relaxed, full of humor.

    I supose that as long as there have been chess matches, there have been people who HAVE to win---so why do we feel that the young man, Harvey, represents what's wrong with the world today? Me, at all costs! Me, even if he's better. Me, even if I have to, yes, kill him.

    The scene in the restarant, where both men are drawn into playing a chess game with all available eating and seasoning utensils (the checkerboard tableclth inspires them) is SO wonderful!

    The old man, who is so sweet, he is alost uncomfortable with the knowledge that he is the better player, never suspects a thing, until he is lured into a horrible death. Um...almost.

    Thank God for Columbo--one of only two men who can make me laugh without swearing, and who actually blushes when anyone sugests anything having to o with sex!
  • Spoilers

    It is a delight to watch Laurence Harvey as a neurotic chess player, who schemes to murder the opponent he cannot defeat at the chessboard. This movie has wonderful pacing and several cliffhanger moments, as Harvey\'s plot several times seems on the point of failure or exposure, but he manages to beat the odds yet again. Columbo wages a skilful war of nerves against this high-strung genius, and the scene where he manages to rattle him enough to cause him to make a mistake while playing chess is one of the highlights of the movie, as Harvey looks down in disbelief at the board, where he has just allowed himself to be checkmated. The climax is almost as strong, and watching Laurence Harvey collapse completely as his scheme is exposed brings the movie to a satisfying finish. Highly recommended.
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