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  • Season 6 Episode 1: Fade in to Murder

  • When Fowler steals his clothes from the wardrobe department, he puts them into a black garbage bag. However, as he walks out the door, the bag is now light gray.

  • Fowler and Mark are supposedly watching a live baseball game in LA on TV. Although it's night and they're in LA themselves, the game on the TV is set in broad daylight.

  • Why is Sgt. Johnston grinning like a loon when Columbo questions the deli owner? Walter Koenig seems to be extremely happy to be working, but it seems kinda inappropriate for the character.

  • During one of the conversations between Columbo and Fowler, they sit on a hot set, i.e. a area that´s all set-up for filming. But both move things around, which would cause all kinds of continuity errors.

  • During one scene, Columbo comes running up dockside and watches Bruce the Shark come bursting out of the water, before turning to speak with Sid Daley. You can clearly see a small circle chalked on the back of his raincoat. In the very next scene, the coat is clean, and Columbo has Ward Fowler chalk the circle on his raincoat to demonstrate that the bullet hole in Claire's dress had been made while she was holding her hands in the air.

  • When Columbo talks to Sid at the Jaws dock, Sid's hair is blown out of place in a few shots but combed perfectly in others.

  • When Fowler draws the chalk circle on Columbo's back, his left hand is higher. When the camera cuts to a reverse angle, the left hand has instantly dropped several inches.

  • Season 5 Episode 6: Last Salute to the Commodore

  • What are the chances that a wealthy boat designer would have put the name of his beloved young bride on his favorite boat using crate stencils?

  • Columbo is only able to confirm that Swanny is the murderer because he obligingly responds to Columbo's little experiment with the watch. Not only does one wonder why Swanny (or anyone else) respond to Columbo's watch-listening experiment, but it seems unlikely this would be anywhere close to convictable for a jury.

  • Season 5 Episode 5: Now You See Him

  • Sgt. Wilson appeared previously in "The Greenhouse Jungle," but the character's first name there was Frederic there, while it is given as John here.

  • After Santini enters the lounge on his first performance, he performs three tricks before going to the stage. The third trick - making a flower vase appear on a table from behind a napkin - is clearly impossible. Not only the people at the table but everyone behind Santini would clearly see how the trick was done.

  • On three occasions outside The Cabaret of Magic, and once outside the locksmith's shop, you can see the same cream-colored Mustang drive by.

  • The sign on the club says it's the Cabaret of Magic. However, when Santini looks at the letter that Jerome was typing, it says that is the Magic Circle Club in Los Angeles.

  • Season 5 Episode 4: A Matter of Honor

  • The bull that kills Hector is named Marinero, which means "Sailor" in Spanish.

  • The film clips Montoya watches of himself as a young man in the bull ring are taken from a film Ricardo Montalban made in Mexico in 1944 called La Hora de la Verdad (The Hour of Truth).

  • Season 5 Episode 3: Identity Crisis

  • Nelson Brenner's alter-ego "Steinmetz", borrows both name and appearance from the German-American electrical engineer Charles Proteus Steinmetz (1865-1923). Steinmetz had the reputation of being something of a "mad scientist", although in reality, contributed a great deal to the practical use of electricity.

  • Season 5 Episode 1: Forgotten Lady

  • For most of this episode, Maurice Evans, playing the butler, speaks in his usual refined voice. However, more than halfway through, without explanation, he begins speaking in a noticeably different, vaguely Cockney accent.

  • We see Dr.Willis sitting up in bed, as Raymond knocks on the door prior to bringing in the tray with the milk and sleeping pill. The tray is already sitting on the bedside table, with a full glass of milk and the bowl for the sleeping pill.

  • When Grace comes into her husband's room, she sets her brandy glass on the bedside table--beside a tray with her husband's hot milk. The camera shifts to an overhead view, and the brandy glass is on the tray. When it shifts again, the glass is beside the tray again.

  • When we see Dog in the car, having eaten some ice cream, the side of his face is coated with ice cream, then it's clean, and then it's coated again (although not so thickly).

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