Season 7 Episode 1

Try and Catch Me

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1977 on NBC



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    • Columbo: Oh, wait a minute. Let me see that shoe. Oh, that's a very nice shoe. You like that shoe, Sergeant?
      Sergeant: It's very nice, Lieutenant.
      Columbo: It's practically new. That's terrific. I'm looking for a pair of shoes just like this. See, I like them rounded toes. It's French The French thought of that. (looks inside shoe) Oh. Made in Italy. Well, what's the difference. I like them.

    • Abigail Mitchell: Just think, Lieutenant. If you had investigated my niece's death, all this need never have happened.

    • Abigail Mitchell: Ah, look. An unfinished A. A for Annie. Did Annie my maid do it? We haven't got a butler.

    • Columbo: That must have been very hard, losing someone you love like that. I've been very lucky. I lost my parents. That's the way of the world. But to lose someone that young, that's like being cheated. That's very hard.

      Abigail Mitchell: I'm beginning to be very fond of you, Lieutenant. I think you're a very kind man.

      Columbo: Don't count on that, Miss Mitchell. Don't count on it.

    • Columbo: Now you're inheriting the property and all, so I'd like you to be there too. I could run you over. My car's right here. It's French, very rare.

      Abigail Mitchell: Uh, yes. Oh, I can see why.

    • (Speaking to group of murder mystery fans)

      Columbo: I like my job. Oh, I like it a lot. And I'm not depressed by it. And I don't think the world is full of criminals and full of murderers because it isn't. It's full of nice people just like you. And if it wasn't for my job I wouldn't be getting to meet you like this. And I'll tell you something else. Even with some of the murderers that I meet, I even like them too. Sometimes like them and even respect them. Not for what they did, certainly not for that. But for that part of them which is intelligent or funny or just nice. Because there's niceness in everyone. A little bit anyhow. You can take a cop's word for it.

    • Abigail Mitchell: Oh, Lieutenant Columbo; just one more question.

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