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Will westerns ever be revived?

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    [1]Jan 4, 2008
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    OK I just had a big debate with someone on another board on whether or not the Western genre is dead or alive. And of course the day after I saw the ads for "Comanche Moon." And of course I was reminded there were two Westerns in theaters last year--the remake of "3:10 to Yuma," and that Brad Pitt as Jesse James flick. But of course it could also be pointed out that Hollywood hasn't produced anywhere near the number of Westerns that it did before the early 70's. I mean, there used to be 56 Western series on TV at one time! Now there is only the occasional miniseries. Of course that may be why Westerns have gone so far downhill--Hollywood made too many Westerns, leading to oater overkill, and the public just got sick of them. So albeit Westerns are not extinct, if Hollywood only produces about 1% of this genre than what they used to, could you really call this genre "alive?" I thinkmaybe the word is "moribund." Hollywood does seem to want to revive this genre though. But can it be revived? Are modern day Americans too far removed from frontier times to identify with those times? After all when the Western genre was invented there where still a lot of people who had lived through these times, or at least had parents who did. After all, film director John Ford was friendswith Wyatt Earp. I think another problem is that there isn't as much as you can do plotwise with a Western as with other genres. Range wars, settlers/cavalry vs. Indians, good guys vs. outlaws (including taming a wild town), gunslinger vs. gunslinger, settlers vs. land grabbers, the cattle drive/let's get the wagon train/stage coach/railroad through hostile territory. Those scenarios cover about 99% of all Western plotlines. So even though Westerns may not become extinct totally, imho they will never be the force they were.

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    [2]Jan 13, 2008
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    I think they will never be truly revived cause they represent genocide that white americans did over native population (indians).
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    Yea now that we know more about how it really was back then and the fact that most people don't care about history as much as other times I doubt it.
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    I think things run in cycles and Westerns may become popular at some point in the future but I was disappointed with this mini-series. I thought the costumes were authentic looking, some of the shots were nicely filmed, the acting was OK, but the film didn't really tell me a good story. I don't know if it was lousy editing or a weak script or both but in the end I was not impressed with the total package that appeared on the screen. I haven't read the book yet but the ending of the show left a lot to be desired even though I know it was a prequel.
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    If there were a revision of westerns it wouldn't be because of this show. I love a good western; this one had some good points, but in the end it was depressing...far more depressing than was necessary, I mean ONE of the characters could have gotten something good out of life in the old it was all it did was disappoint. I enjoyed seeing Val in his role here, but how they wrote his ending was sad. Too bad too, because the first part of the series seemed to have a lot of promise. When it was all over my wife said "what a waste of 6 hours."
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    [6]Apr 15, 2008
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    I tried to watch this show 2 times, but each time after 5 minutes I stoped it... But I'll tried again, i'm certain it's a great show.

    But for the Westwern subject, Firefly was a REALLY good show. Ok, Scifi but also western !! So it's not really dead, it'll always be there, not so far...

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