Comanche Moon

Season 1 Episode 1

Part 1

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 2008 on CBS

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  • Great story, beautiful scenery, uneven script with bad acting.

    Wow. I couldn't wait to see Comanche Moon because I loved the original miniseries, Lonesome Dove. I thought the story was interesting and I can see how Steve Zahn could become the older Gus McCrae but the rest of the casting is pretty bad. Rachel Griffith doesn't even chew the scenery well. Linda Cardellini is not believable as a strong frontier woman like later portrayed by Angelica Huston. The actor playing the governor of Texas is embarrassing and I have seen this actor before in similar roles and he was pretty good so it must be the show's writing. Adam Beach is awful (as he is in Law & Order SVU) and doesn't belong on the same set as Wes Studi who at least is trying to act the part. Karl Urban as Woodrow Call has moments but his banter with Zahn is too stiff and wooden and seems forced. Not at all like Jones and Duvall in the original. I like the young actor portraying Jake Spoon. He is totally believable as the man he would become. Same with the young Deets. The way he comforted the captive woman reminded me of Danny Glover's Deets and his compassion in the original. Val Kilmer started out weak but got stronger as the story progressed probably because his character didn't make much sense at the start. I would have liked the character of Ahumado to be more ruthless and scary. He instills no horror or fear in his perceived tortures. The scenery is breathtaking and well photographed but I can't get past some of the dialogue, which is uneven. Zahn seems to get the best lines but everyone around him gets some of the worst lines of dialogue ever.

    But overall I gave it an average rating because I loved the story and Zahn's character has enough juice to keep me interested. I am hoping parts 2 and 3 pick up with less Griffith and more Kilmer.
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