Comanche Moon

CBS (Mini-Series 2008)


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  • The saga of Lonesome Dove comes to an end, with the second prequel to the original miniseries, with events taking place after Dead Man's Walk.

    The original spoiled this for me. I have watched all of the follow us, except for that TV series. The Return was okay; Streets of Laredo was pretty good, because of James Garner, and Dead Man's Walk was okay, but only because of Edward James Olmos' character. The problem is all of them suffer in comparison with the original, and the tandem of Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones. Commanche Moon paints an interesting and intriguing portrait of the Commanche, throughout the miniseries. I wish I could say the same for the other side. Much of the show seems cribbed together, just to set the stage for Lonesome Dove. McMurtry did introduce a different character in Captain Scull, played by Val Kilmer, and his randy wife, played by Rachel Griffiths. However, after he is rescued from Ahumado, they come back to their characters later in the show with a little set piece that does nothing for either character, and seems completely out of place. I have to say that scattering and slipshot story disappointed me, because McMurtry produced this, and Simon Wincer, the director of the original, directed this. If you are a fanatic of the characters, then by all means watch it. I found the Indian characters more intriguing. I cannot recommend it to regular tv watchers. nd7486