Comanche Moon

CBS (Mini-Series 2008)


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  • This particular mini-series was certainly not what was expected. The scenery was the best part of the movie. It was poorly acted, and boring to say the least. I was expecting to see acting and directing similar to "Lonesome Dove", and it wasn't there.

    I was very disappointed in this series. Poor acting, interest deprived story line, and lack of strong character portrayal left me wondering it would evolve into that strong sequence of events and superior acting as was found in "Lonesome Dove". It didn't happen and left me with a very disappointed feeling as it hadn't lived up to the expectations that were so carefully created with the previews. I am hopeful, however, that another is in the planning and that consideration will be given the viewers that, like me, were so sadly disappointed. Of all the people I have talked with that watched the series, none were happy with it and each and every one has said the same thing...boring, poor acting, not worth the time to watch. Many didn't come back after the first airing on Sunday night.