Comanche Moon

CBS (Mini-Series 2008)


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  • I was ready to watch the show and I have to admit I enjoyed the first two episodes, It was definetly a TV miniseries and had all the makings of a good story but, It slowly but surely went downhill, the third episode left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

    Comanche Moon started out interesting and kept my attention for the first two episodes, it's hard to make a miniseries from books and this one didn't make it. I was interested in the series at first and the first two episodes told a decent story from the book, as it moved on I grew interested in the charactors and found some value in most of the acting. The relationships were predictable but compeling. Then along came episode three. First I have to say I felt like I was watching a readers digest version of the story. All of a sudden events had taken place that we didn't get to see and BOOM we went from pre Civil War to Post Civil War in a blink of an eye. How sad that such a good story was stripped of its value. I'm surprised Larry McMurtry was the producer. Very sad outcome indeed. Yet I still enjoyed most of the show. My guess is a dvd will come out with deleted scenes and extended scenes and alternative endings. One could only hope.
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