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Combat Hospital

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Medical drama about a military hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2006. The series revolves around the life and work of doctors and nurses from the ISAF, specifically Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and other allied countries at a military hospital.
Elias Koteas

Elias Koteas

Canadian Colonel Xavier Marks

Michelle Borth

Michelle Borth

Canadian Major Rebecca Gordon

Luke Mably

Luke Mably

British Dr. Simon Hill

Deborah Unger

Deborah Unger

Australian Major Ada Pedersen

Terry Chen

Terry Chen

American Captain Bobby Trang

Arnold Pinnock

Arnold Pinnock

Commander Will Royal

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  • bring it back please.

    This is an awesome series. It cannot end like this!
  • What about more...?!?!?!

    I absolutely loved this show - got the adrenaline rushing and made me wish I'd been a corpsman when I was active duty... Also reignited my love and respect for those who are out there on the front lines serving our wonderful country! I wish this show would continue...:( I guess until then, I'll just watch re-runs over and over again. I loved this show!! Bring back Combat Hospital!!!

  • Great new military show from an allied prespective

    Really enjoyed the first season and hope it will be continued. As the present wife of a retired military veteran and the widow of a deceased VN casualty, I am a fan of good positive military dramas i.e., China Beach, and Army Wives. I think these type shows helps non military types understand military life and why we are so committed to this country in our willingness to serve.
  • Not a very great show in my opinion.

    I was turned off by two things-the casual usage of a certain word in the script in its most offensive and low IQ derivative and the depiction of a soldier who can't stop masturbating. People who talk like that are pond scum & people who behave like that are also pond scum. I think they should have thought out their script better. It comes off as low brow humour when it is supposed to be drama. I thought MASH was a good show...critics of MASH might say it was inappropriate to make a comedy in a war setting-it is also inappropriate to depict people who work in field hospitals as genuine douche bags.moreless
  • I'm getting sick of all the hospital, police and legal dramas, but found this one is worth watching. You know it's a good sign when you tape a show and can't wait to watch it the next day, rather than let it linger on the PVR! A worthy successor to MASHmoreless

    I was a fan of MASH, and am surprised that it's taken this long for someone to come up with a good show relating to current wars. I'm sure they've taken some creative licensing on the portrayal of the base, life in Afghanistan, and the medicine (as they do for even domestic medical dramas), but a friend who's been deployed to Afghanistan a couple of times-- and is a nurse-- says that it's pretty accurate.

    I like that they have developed most of the main characters, they are far from uni-dimensional, they do things we may not like but we learn to understand was right (e.g. the Colonel), they're flawed; in other words, they feel real. The writers have avoided the standard Hollywood drama twists for a change and they have highlighted some of the issues in Afghanistan without getting preachy (both of which were, I feel, Off the Map's fatal errors). They've shown the "bad" guys getting medical care and the deaths of people we've come to care about. There's a nice mix of interpersonal drama along with the cases/situations-- this isn't a procedural, but it's also not a Greys where the medicine's secondary-- so we come to care about the characters. The acting is solid, too.

    My after-thought on having just seen the season finale is that it's surprising that they didn't do a scene showing "the highway of heros/people above/the flags flying low" (to quote The Trews song), but then I realized that the show has been respectful of the soldiers they are portraying and that is something that shouldn't be dramatized for a TV character. That they resisted says a lot about the show, doesn't it?

    I really hope that Combat Hospital is renewed for another season. Has anyone heard anything? It could be a summer show, like In Plain Sight. Although that feels like an awfully long wait!moreless

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