Combat Hospital

Season 1 Episode 13

Do No Harm

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 06, 2011 on Global

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  • Its not fair........


    Well a sad,angry,impotence, heart touching episode.

    First off Simon needs to get his @#$@#$ together because rebecca deserves better than that, seriously at first i was like NO leave her alone, but now she is into him so he better fix himself up on his way to london, if not.. then stay there mate.

    Second, man how sad was that suzi got killed, she was just this lil thing that i actually enjoy seeing her smile... too bad for bobby that he didnt gave her a chance or that the last time she talked to her was not the best he could do.

    SO sad when this things happen but well i learn 2 things about this episode,, never let go things unsaid and that its not up to us to say what happens, but well that last one .. im still debating .