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My Only Complaint About The Show

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    [1]Jun 28, 2011
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    I have never seen an hour long show with so many commercials. Last week I realized that they went to commercial every 5 minutes. Tonight's episode (6-28-11) There was a time when there was only 3 minutes between commercials.

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    [2]Jul 5, 2011
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    An hour drama used to be 4 acts and maybe 14 minutes of commercials. Now they are pushing it to anywhere between 7 and 9 acts and something as close to 20 minutes of commercials as they can get. You are not imagining the commercials but it is also sadly no longer uncommon. Episode 2 was a bit less than 42 minutes long. If you ever find a show that is 37 or eve 39 minutes long then do complain.

    Plug for another show: Murdoch Mysteries is 46-48 minutes long. Retro setting. Retro tv standards. Well actually Combat Hospital is a retro setting too. Yeah, its episodes are rather short.

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    [3]Sep 22, 2011
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    And they wonder WHY people 'illegally' download TV shows.

    The trouble is, commercials pay the bills. The product placements et al help pay for the big name actors to stay on these shows and essentially keep everything running smoothly. And god forbid a sponsor has a commercial cut or doesn't get enough air time. If they pull, a cast member could suddenly find their character killed in the next season, or worse, the show itself could be axed.

    A few years ago, I attended a Stargate convention. I learned it cost approx. $22 million to produce one season of SG-1. Same cost to SG:Atlantis. So MGM made a decision to cut the longest running show. "Atlantis" followed soon after to make way for "Universe" and well, now there is no more Stargate on TV. TV, especially good TV is expensive. Nobody really LIKES reality television, but networks execs convince you that's what you want to see and really, give you no other chocie when they bombard their channels with the crap. A reality show costs a fraction of 'scripted' show (e.g. "Win $1 Million!" on "Survivor").

    Sorry about the rant but commercials are precisely the reason why I PVR everything and watch it later. It's kind of pathetic when you see more commercials then you do of the actual show to the point that you feel like you have ADD by the end of one commercial set and can't return your focus at all to the actual show you were watching.

    If you feel motivated enough, I urge you to write the network in question and complain. The may not give a @#$% but at least you've said something. Plus, demanding an explanation or a justification would be good so you can see precisely why the network has a case of the stupids (and possibly post it online). Or if you're feeling creative, blog about it and see how many folks out there feel the same and have them think about tracking how many commercials they're being assaulted with constantly when watching a favourite show. It would be interesting to find out what the results are and if it varies by country (Sorry - me and my analytical mind). I have a feeling that in some cases when ratings suddenly slip, it may not just be the quality of the show that's the problem.

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