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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Forgotten Front
      Forgotten Front
      Episode 1
      Lt. Hanley's platoon is given a mission to spot the location of hidden German heavy artillery. After a patrol is lost in a booby-trapped dye factory, Sgt. Saunder's squad is sent forward to help. They find a kindly German deserter hiding in the factory, and must decide whether to leave him alive or dead when they retreat from a German tank attack.moreless
    • Rear Echelon Commandos
      Sgt. Saunders and his squad receive three much-needed replacements with rear-area backgrounds that seem to make them unfit for combat. At first, the squad is amused by the shortcomings of the new members, but things quickly become serious when they are assigned a hazardous mission.
    • Lost Sheep, Lost Shepherd
      Ambushed by the Germans, Lt. Hanley and the squad are saved from certain death by the appearance of a lone American tank. Fighting their way back to their lines, they learn the troubling secrets of the angry and reckless tank commander.
    • Any Second Now
      Any Second Now
      Episode 4
      While in a French town on leave, Hanley's leg is pinned by some debris during a bombing raid. In the church building with him is an undetonated German bomb which is still timed to explode. Help arrives in the form of an British demolition expert who is suffering battle fatigue and is angry at Hanley for trying to pickup his girl at a local bar.moreless
    • Far from the Brave
      When the squad's B.A.R. man is killed in battle, a grievous Sgt. Saunders assigns the heavy weapon to a new replacement, an elderly cook, despite Pvt. Kirby's objections. The decision has far-reaching consequences when the squad must cover the main force's retreat and the replacement faces enemy fire for the first time.moreless
    • Missing in Action
      Lt. Hanley and the squad infiltrate enemy lines to rescue a downed wing commander who is being kept in an French underground safehouse. Complications arise when the commander seems hesitant to return and his female companion schemes to keep him with her.
    • Escape to Nowhere
      Lt. Hanley is captured by the Germans, but finds himself caught up in the defection scheme of General von Strelitz. The general, wanted by the gestapo for his involvement in the plot to assassinate Hitler, plans to use Lt. Hanley to reach Allied lines.
    • The Celebrity
      The Celebrity
      Episode 8
      Sgt. Saunder's squad is awestruck when their newest replacement is a professional baseball pitcher. On his first combat patrol, the star proves to be a costly liability to the squad, and he must choose between accepting a transfer to a desk job or proving his worth as a soldier.
    • Cat and Mouse
      Cat and Mouse
      Episode 9
      After his return from a decimated patrol, an exhausted Sgt. Saunders is ordered to accompany Sgt. Jenkins' squad back into enemy lines. Saunders finds himself trapped with the obstinate Jenkins in an old millhouse being used as a German headquarters, and the valuable information they learn must be returned to friendly lines at any cost.moreless
    • I Swear by Apollo
      I Swear by Apollo
      Episode 10
      Sgt. Saunders and his squad take refuge in a convent filled with mysterious nuns after Pvt. Temple and a Frenchman with important information are seriously wounded. When Lt. Hanley arrives with bad news regarding their own doctor, Saunders realizes he must force a German combat surgeon to save the dying men.moreless
    • A Day in June
      A Day in June
      Episode 11
      As the squad takes shelter during a fierce storm, Sgt. Saunders and the men reminisce about the events revolving around their arrival on D-Day. Flashbacks describe the camaraderie and hostility present as the bored soldiers await their movement orders in England, the tense journey in the transports across the English Channel, and the platoon's harrowing assault on the shores of Normandy in the first wave.moreless
    • The Prisoner
      The Prisoner
      Episode 12
      Braddock becomes a driver for a colonel as is captured as a POW while wearing the colonel's coat and helmet.
    • Reunion
      Episode 13
      Saunders helps a soldier reunite with his French father -- a collaborator
    • The Medal
      The Medal
      Episode 14
      A soldier is mistakenly credited for the heroic deeds of a fallen comrade and decides to accept an undeserved medal after receiving a "Dear John" letter.
    • Just for the Record
      Saunders is captured when he puts down his gun and considers playing a record he got from home. The French resistance helps him escape but then he must rely on the help of a French woman who is not with the resistance.
    • The Volunteer
      The Volunteer
      Episode 16
      A thirteen year old French boy wants to join the squad. After he is told he can't, he follows the squad. After Hanley is wounded, Caje tells him that he was now part of the group and his orders are to see that the Lt. gets back to town. When they get back to town, they find out that the Germans are setting up a trap for the Americans. Hanley sends the boy to find Saunders' squad and tell them about the Germans so they can radio the information to HQ.moreless
    • The Squad
      The Squad
      Episode 17
      The squad gets a replacement, Mosley Lovelace (a Georgia boy) who says that the best thing he got from the Yankee army is his boots and rifle.
    • Next In Command
      Next In Command
      Episode 18
      An anti-social corporal joins squad, and Saunders doesn't trust him
    • The Chateau
      The Chateau
      Episode 19
      Doc and his walking wounded take refuge in French chateau that is occupied by Germans and an eccentric Frenchman.
    • Off Limits
      Off Limits
      Episode 20
      PFC Marsh runs into his wife, Lt. Amelia Marsh, at a field hospital. He asks for a pass to spend time with her. While he is waiting for his pass, Kirby goes AWOL and ends up at the hospital. Marsh has to go out on the mission in place of Kirby and is wounded.moreless
    • No Time for Pity
      No Time for Pity
      Episode 21
      Hanley and the men must take a French town where the Germans have an observation post for artillery. The Germans are holding the town's children as hostages and threaten to kill them if they are attacked.
    • Night Patrol
      Night Patrol
      Episode 22
      The squad meets up with a lieutenant living in a cave.
    • Survival
      Episode 23
      Lt. Hanley and the squad escape capture during an artillery barrage, but Sgt. Saunders is unknowingly left behind in the fiery chaos. Alone and in agony from burns, Saunders wanders in a helpless delirium behind enemy lines.
    • No Hallelujahs for Glory
      Sgt. Saunders and Lt. Hanley are forced to deal with an ambitious female reporter who has little understanding about the costs of war.
    • The Quiet Warrior
      The Quiet Warrior
      Episode 25
      Hanley is sent in to extract a French scientist, the father of a college room mate who was killed in the previous extraction attempt.
    • Battle of the Roses
      Sgt. Saunders encounters a strange French girl and her nurse who refuse to leave the safety of a rose garden.
    • Hill 256
      Hill 256
      Episode 27
      Kirby finds himself facing a court-martial after a staff sergeant claims that he ran from the enemy. Using their 48-hour pass, Sgt. Saunders and Caje return to the battlefield to look for the evidence that will clear Kirby of the charges.
    • The Sniper
      The Sniper
      Episode 28
      After the squad takes a town, a German sniper begins picking them off one by one.
    • One More for the Road
      After the squad finds an orphaned infant behind enemy lines, Sgt. Saunders is faced with making a difficult decision: either bring the baby along and increase the danger to his men, or leave the child behind to face certain death.
    • The Walking Wounded
      Saunders, with a minor leg wound, catches a ride on an ambulance and finds himself forcing a cowardly driver to drive through a combat zone and trying to get a battle fatigued ("walking wounded") doctor to attempt a high risk operation in order to save a badly wounded soldier.
    • High Named Today
      High Named Today
      Episode 31
      Saunders, Hanley and their men get a real scare when Private Rob Lawson, a reputed one-man death-squad, joins up with them. Yet after Saunders discovers what is behind Lawson's reckless bravery, he finds himself much more worried FOR the private than ABOUT him.
    • No Trumpets, No Drums
      Caje must deal with killing a Frenchman. He does this by turning his attention to the dead man's daughter. The squad becomes worried about Caje. Sarge must find away to bring Caje back to himself before losing him. Saunders finds what he needs to bring Caje back when the town is attacked by the Germans.moreless
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