Season 1 Episode 10

I Swear by Apollo

Aired Tuesday 7:30 PM Dec 11, 1962 on ABC

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  • The squad runs into trouble when a Frenchman with important information is injured. They carry him and the also wounded Templeton to a convent. Saunders brings a German doctor to operate on wounded man.

    A great episode that showcaes Saunders' strength and determination. There are many watchable Saunders moments revealing his tender side as well as his ruthless quality. When a mine wounds Templeton and a Frenchman who has valuable info, Sarge is gently reassuring even though he knows they are in desperate straits with wounded men and a mission deadline. Saunders and Cage must kidnap a German doctor from a nearby village to operate on the Frenchman when the American doctor dies en route to the convent.The German is, naturally, hostile, and tries to delay treating the injured man. The convent scene is eerily staged with nuns who have taken a vow of silence, candles, and images of crosses and the eyes of the men surrounding the operation table. In a wonderful tough-guy dialogue, Saunders says that if the operation doesn't turn out well he'll hold the doc responsable, saying savagely,"I'll kill you!". Calmly, the doctor finshes washing his hands."Is your threat to my life supposed to make me a better doctor?" The Frenchman is saved. At the end Sarge gently caresses Templeton's helmet as the squad passes by the nuns burying the dead soldier.