Combat! - Season 2

ABC (ended 1967)




Episode Guide

  • The Glory Among Men
    The Glory Among Men
    Episode 32
    When the one person in the squad that is disliked by most of the men is wounded, the Germans use him as bait to try and get the men to come after him. Orders come in come to leave him if it is not possible to retrieve him. One person doesn't want to leave Mason behind. The squad then tries to save Mason.moreless
  • Infant of Prague
    Infant of Prague
    Episode 31
    Lt Hanley and his men run into four nuns looking for the Americans to get help for their Mother Superior. The men must try and get the nuns and themselves out of the town before the Germans get to the town. The old Nun (guest Jeannette Nolan) goes back after a statue. Lt. Hanley and Caje are therefore compelled to go back into the town, now full of Germans, and even right to the Germans HQ. (This was the episode for Easter, 1964.)moreless
  • Command
    Episode 30
    Sgt. Saunders has issues about an aloof Lt. who temporarily takes over for wounded Lt. Hanley.
  • Rescue
    Episode 29
    Lt. Hanley is helped by German infiltrators who want information.
  • The Short Day of Private Putnam
    Pvt. Putnam (Putt) is a 15 year old runaway. He lies to cover up his age and the fact that he is a green recruit. A friend tells Hanley he is only 15. When he panics he nearly gets the Sarge and himself killed. In the end, his hobby saves the day.moreless
  • Weep No More
    Weep No More
    Episode 27
    Lt. Hanley aids a mute addled French girl who may have valuable information regarding German positions.
  • What Are the Bugles Blowin' For? (2)
    Saunders and his men are still stuck with a surrounded British company. The British Captain (Ronald Howard) is questioned by one of his own wounded men (Pvt. Giles - James Forest) as to why they haven't retreated to safety and aid. Giles dies. The Captain then tells a German lieutenant (Erik Holland) at a parley (after being told he is surrounded by overwhelming numbers) that he intends to kill every German in the sector. A vicious series of firefights erupts, during which the Capt. is wounded. Saunders and his men basically save the company in the first, wild firefight. The Capt., after conferring with his own Sgt. Rawlings (John Alderson), gives Saunders permission to withdraw. Saunders and the unit decide to stay. After an overnight barrage, they beat back a final, uncoordinated German assault at daybreak. The German lieutenant then comes forward to surrender himself and his troops to the Capt. Lt. Hanley shows up with an American relief column; the Germans were cut off themselves. The Capt. dies. The little French kid (Philippe Chapelle) finds his sister's killer, now dead, among the German attackers.moreless
  • What Are the Bugles Blowin' For? (1)
    In this 2 parter Saunders and his men have to get the retreat message to a British troupe behind enemy lines. The British Captain uses his authority to keep Saunders and his men to help him fight the Germans.
  • The Hunter
    The Hunter
    Episode 24
    A professional German sniper captures a wounded Kirby, and begins to hunt down Sgt. Saunders
  • A Silent Cry
    A Silent Cry
    Episode 23
    Sgt. Saunders has to escort an arrogant radio expert to aid partisans.
  • Counter-Punch
    Episode 22
    After being cut off from, and attempting to return to their lines, Sgt. Saunders and Caje join up with a crew of stragglers.
  • Mail Call
    Mail Call
    Episode 21
    Sgt. Saunders receives bad news from his brother while dealing with a malingerer.
  • The Hostages
    The Hostages
    Episode 20
    Saunders and Caje are held hostage by two Germans while Doc tries to get a vehicle to get them out of town. When they get out of town Doc learns what the Germans wanted them for. He tries to stop them by wrecking the ambulance. When he does, Caje gets a broke leg and the German in the back gets killed. Then the other German has Doc and Saunders leave an injured Caje behind. Doc gets a chance to jump him and in the fight, Doc kills the German with his bare hands. Saunders brings Doc to reality by letting Doc know he is wounded.moreless
  • Eyes of the Hunter
    Eyes of the Hunter
    Episode 19
    Sgt. Saunders doesn't trust the survivor of a patrol who has been appointed to guide him to a target.
  • The General and the Sergeant
    Saunders humors a French World War I General (with a pretty granddaughter) who wants to take over the unit by allowing him to serve as a guide.
  • The Pillbox
    The Pillbox
    Episode 17
    Lt. Hanley and a wounded soldier are trapped in a bunker with German officers.
  • Gideon's Army
    Gideon's Army
    Episode 16
    Saunders and his men come upon injured and starving Polish slave laborers who were left behind because they could not walk. A German advance may force him to leave them behind.
  • The Party
    The Party
    Episode 15
    In this strangely light-hearted episode Kirby is left in charge of the unit in a village where there are three very pretty French ladies, who are the objects of desire not only for Kirby, Caje and Nelson, but also for several sergeants from an engineering corps, who have set up a party. The intrepid trio enlist the help of an orphan girl (Jeannine) to assist them in peeling the sergeants away from the ladies and the party supplies. Comedy is the result. For the first (and only?) time in the series, Billy Nelson actually gets to kiss a girl. Guests include Daniele Demetz as Angelique; Biff Elliot as Rafferty; and Terry Becker as Claybourne.moreless
  • Thunder from the Hill
    Lt. Hanley has a conflict with a resistance fighter who insists on raiding an ammo dump.
  • Barrage
    Episode 13
    Sgt. Saunders is wounded while searching for German artillery and is aided by a deserter.
  • Ambush
    Episode 12
    Sgt. Saunders and the squad obey their orders to not interfere as a newly liberated village administers justice to the local collaborators. Unfortunately, Saunders discovers that a lynched man's daughter has knowledge of a hidden German tank's location, and she refuses to give them the vital information they need.
  • Anatomy of a Patrol
    Anatomy of a Patrol
    Episode 11
    The unit's mission is to reach a downed recon aircraft (P-38), rescue the pilot if alive, and get back with the aircraft's camera and film of the German positions. At the beginning, we see that a German patrol, led by Sgt. Beckman (James Caan) has been sent on a parallel mission to capture the pilot and the film. Saunders and Beckman play a constant cat-and-mouse game, each trying to outguess, outsmart, and out-maneuver the other. Beckman, a very cagey veteran German non-com, nearly wins. Instead, he loses his life, his entire patrol, the mission, and his "game" with Saunders at the end. Saunders loses two men out of the patrol (contrasted with twelve of the Germans), and gets hot when Kirby tries to tell him how Saunders was so much smarter "than that German sergeant." Saunders never thinks of losing a man as a "win."moreless
  • A Distant Drum
    A Distant Drum
    Episode 10
    Lt. Hanley is wounded in an artillery barrage, and is separated from the rest of the platoon. He survives frisking by a nasty German soldier, and finds a French farmhouse inhabited by two women. The mother does not want to hide Hanley, as she is afraid of the Germans. Her husband was killed by the Germans when he tried to help a downed British pilot evade capture. Germans come and search the farmhouse, looking for Hanley, who they know is somewhere in the vicinity. The nasty German tries to rape the daughter, and Hanley kills him. The women ultimately help Hanley escape to his own lines.moreless
  • The Little Jewel
    The Little Jewel
    Episode 9
    All the squad but Kirby takes to an orphan boy named Bijou. When Caje is captured by the Krauts, the others begin to think just maybe Kirby is right. Eventually, the boy overcomes his self-centered survivalist orientation and helps the squad accomplish its mission. Even Kirby takes a liking to him after that.moreless
  • Glow Against the Sky
    In this episode, Billy Nelson is wounded and dazed in an artillery barrage in a village in the opening sequence. The rest of the patrol, concerned for his safety, gets trapped in a cellar. The Germans are crawling all over the village after the barrage. Eventually Littlejohn's loyalty to his buddy wins out over Saunders' practical demands to safeguard the rest of the unit. Billy Nelson is saved from the Germans, and the patrol blasts its way out of town. Intense, exciting from first to last.moreless
  • Doughboy
    Episode 7
    Eddie Albert guest stars as an American WWI veteran living in France with his French wife he met while soldiering in the previous war. During the shelling from a Big German gun nearby he becomes confused and believes he is still fighting WWI.
  • The Wounded Don't Cry
    The unit captures a German hospital. Neumann (Nimoy) is a German-speaking GI who interacts with the German head of the hospital. Saunders is upset by the lack of intensity on the part of his men in checking the German patients. Neumann gives Saunders a hard time for being so tough on wounded soldiers. Turns out Saunders was right-- a couple of the patients are SS "dead-enders" who don't care they're losing the war. They attack Saunders' men, and are killed, but Neumannn is badly injured. Saunders must go with a wounded German sergeant in a German truck to get plasma for Neumann from a bombed-out convoy. Saunders and his German counterpart learn to trust each other "somewhat" on the drive. At the convoy, the German grabs a Luger and tries to escape, but then SS men arrive and nearly execute him. Saunders (as usual) bails him out, but won't let him escape at the end. Lesson: We're all humans, but a job is a job.moreless
  • The Long Way Home (2)
    As this episode begins, we learn that Billy Nelson has successfully escaped, though wounded, and Lt. Hanley is aware of the unit's predicament. Caje is grabbed by the Germans for having a rifle, and is threatened with death. Saunders devises an ingenius way of gaining escape from the camp, using the electrical line for the overhead light bulb in the prisoners' cabin. All escape, but Saunders is about to be killed by Capt. Steiner, when the dying, tortured Pvt. Gates (Woodrow Parfrey) kills Steiner. Lesson: the supposed Nazi SS "Superman" is nailed by a simple American grocery clerk. So who was who's "superior"?moreless
  • The Long Way Home (1)
    While returning from patrol, Saunders and his men are captured by a platoon of German SS. They take the squad back to their base to be interrogated by their commander an SS Captain played by Richard Basehart. Simon Oakland also guest stars as an American sergeant already held captive by the Germans.moreless
  • Masquerade
    Episode 3
    James Coburn guest stars as a ruthless German spy masquerading as an American G.I. in order to get into American HQ to create havoc. When the jeep he is driving hits a land mine, Saunders and his squad bring him and two other German spies back to their Company HQ for first aid. Saunders slowly begins to suspect there is something wrong as Coburn's character makes slight mistakes while speaking and interacting with the other men.moreless
  • Bridgehead
    Episode 2
    Hanley orders Saunders and his squad to take a bridge which is guarded by a heavily fortified house. Nick Adams guest stars as a self-centered wise-cracking private who only cares about saving his own skin. He reveals during the episode that he is a jazz drummer and is soon to be leaving the front to play in an army band entertaining troops and wants to be sure he keeps himself in one piece. In the end he sacrifices his life to complete the mission he ridiculed.moreless
  • Bridge at Chalons
    Bridge at Chalons
    Episode 1
    Lee Marvin guest stars as a sergeant in command of a small demolition team that Saunders and his squad is ordered to take behind German lines to destroy a bridge. Lee Marvin does not believe the squad is large enough to handle the job. He requests a platoon but is refused by Lieutenant Hanley. Marvin submits but has a huge chip on his shoulder due to a close friend being killed. He has no confidence in Saunders or his men to get the job done and frequently ridicules them during the mission.moreless