Season 5 Episode 25

The Partisan

Aired Tuesday 7:30 PM Mar 14, 1967 on ABC

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  • Saunders and Caje are ambushed on their return to headquarters by the "Boche". Caje is taken prisoner and Saunders escapes to a French farmhouse to gather support for Caje's rescue.

    While watching this episode I did not realize it was the final "Combat". It started off much like other episodes with plenty of suspense and a great cast but its still sad to see such a great show end. During the episode it is told several times that "the war will soon be over" but no hint is given that this is the final episode. I think one thing in this episode, such a common theme throughout all the episodes, is the connection the soldiers have with one another.This I believe is what made this series a hit. Robert Duval & Claudine Longet are excellent in their roles of conveying the confusion some soldiers may have experienced in such a rather unsure time and the choices they faced. This show is still a great watch as its 40 years it was first aired.