Come Fly with Me

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 25, 2010 on BBC
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Hetty Wolf takes her first-ever flight at the age of 92, pilots Simon and Jackie resolve their marriage problems while flying a plane and a former Spice Girl visits the airport.

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  • A promising pilot which has surely secured a solid audience.

    Anyone thinking this would be just another sketch show were in for a treat. Sure there's nothing exactly new to the style or format but it is satifyingly re-jigged.

    Come fly with me forward moving sketch show where i never felt things were getting boring. No sketches gone of after your have stopped laughing, and any that might not be to your taste are over with before you think of changing the channel. The camera awareness of the charecters is a concept is sketch shows which for the most part is new, with the exception of some sketches here and there.

    Matt and David have also done a very good job of ensuring this show isn't sat in the shadow of Little Britain. It's comedy style is different enough as are its charecters, but I have to say I cant help but hope Marjarie turns up! There are of course a lot more charecters than in Little Britain which was definatly a wise and welcome choice.

    I enjoyed all the charecters, although I'm senseing there are two which may get boring, such as the owner of fly low and the couple which are both pilots, but even so, I enjoyed both in this episode. Favorties have to be Taaj, The old women, Keely, The women that was obsessed with Disney and of course the Japanese girls!

    Top marks for presentation too. This had a genuine documentary feel to it and progress from one sketch to the next was smooth. Not having a laughter track was wise too and filming in an airport also got rid of that feeling of being boxed into a set. I also like the concept of this being a day in the life of the airport and the episodes cool down at the end shows the air port close up for the day and you getting a brief check in with eveyone we met.

    So why not 10 out of 10? Well Matt and David have definatly made me laugh harder than this before, fortunatly the charecters are very solid, and When i wasn;t belly laughing I was very impressed by these charecters. Sometime he Little Britain chareters were a bit over the top and surreal, but these charecters are very believable and consistantly had a voice in my head saying 'I know someone like that!' There is a lot of believeabilty to them, and Matts vocal diversity in particular is impressive.

    Matt and David should be very happy with themselvesmoreless

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