Come Outside

BBC Two (ended 1997)


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Come Outside

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Come Outside is an entertaining children's program produced by the BBC that offers life lessons through adventure and curiosity. Come Outside's main character, Auntie Mabel (Lynda Baron), along with her dog, Pippin, explore and explain aspects of everyday life - everything from how bricks are made and dandelions grow to the behavior and habits of hedgehogs, butterflies and frogs. Depending on the subject, Auntie Mabel and Pippin might climb into their spotted plane, a Slingsby T-67 Firefly. Each program begins with Auntie Mabel's signature phrase, "Hello Me Dears," and evolves into a fascinating look at how the world around us works, in ways that adults might not even ponder. Children will appreciate the exploits of Pippin, who is known to carry out acts of mischief during each program, such as the time she hides a bar of soap. Music is integral to Come Outside, with Auntie Mabel presenting a song that highlight's aspects of a show's particular subject. Clever and heartwarming, Come Outside helps children see life in new and different ways.