Comedy at Club 54

The Comedy Network Premiered Nov 01, 1990 In Season





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  • Another classically great stand up show

    I personally love standup comedy acts. So naturally this woul appeal to me, since i also have a very adult sense of humor. Lots of the acts on this show are very shrewd and adult oriented, and hey, thats great funny stuff for people who like it, and are not easily offended.

    Each act is 15 minutes long for a half hour show. So there are only 2 acts, and the hsot of the show does an awsome job of making sure that the two comedians performing that night are perfectly ready an have their acts fired up properly, and a guarantee that theya re going to get a laugh.

    You gotta appreciate something like that.
  • its no just for laughs, but it's okay

    ya it all rite. not as good as some of the stand up shows. i've seen some good guys but every time they have a= puppet change the channel it will always be gay you can see their lips move its retarted but some of the guys are super duper./

  • Parade of Hacks

    Somebody get these hacks off the TV why are reruns of this show still on 20 years after they were taped? They were obviously taped on an old style VHS tape recorder that stopped being manufactured in 1985 but that's okay the quality of the tape matches the quality of the comedy which is also old and outdated. Expect such classic jokes as "my parents used to fight" and "my dad yelled at me" and "men and women are different". Mold breaking comedy like "ever run out of toilet paper" and the so racist you can't believe they actually said it "Chinese people name their children by throwing pots and pans on the floor - ching chang clang!" Yes these are actual jokes I have seen on this show! The only thing worse than the comedians is the fake d.b. of a host and the impossibly lame "joke of the week" he reads on stage to start the show.
  • Real bad.

    Comedy at Club 54 is such an unbelievably bad show that it is almost funny because of how bad it is, but no it is so bad that it is not funny in any way imaginable. The host is a dinosaur who every episode reads a joke someone from the audience gave him (of the types of jokes like "a rabbi a priest and a minister walk into a bar", no kidding) and he wears a tacky suit and has plastic hair. All the acts you've never heard of and all the jokes come straight out of 1980. If you like racist jokes, vaudeville type puns, prop comics who are so bad Carrot Top would vomit, and impressions (again of people from 1980 that you've seen before a million times) then this is the show for you.