Comedy Central Presents

Season 2 Episode 4

Greg Proops

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 19, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • A fun showcase of the standup ability of Greg Proops

    I enjoyed this, a solid 20 minutes of Greg Proops stand up comedy and he seems like a very good standup comedian. Yes, a lot of English jokes, but hey, I'm not English so I don't mind, so they worked for me (Greg gets the Buddy Holly reference in about himself early on). I love how Greg also trys to get the crowd into it if they go quiet by pointing out the fact they've gone quiet. He uses all of the stage in his performance as well, and isn't afraid to make scathing or nasty sarcastic comments about anything he discusses. But he does it in an un-nasty way where it doesn't feel like he's being serious, and I can appreciate that. Anyway, overall I've have heard people making negative comments about this but I do think this was a fairly good showcase of Greg's standup ability. I want to see more.