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  • Comedy Central review

    This makes life a little bit easier.. Common guys, lets just sit and let CC do their job, to make us laugh!
  • Thumbs up!

    I love the things that makes me laugh! thanks for this!
  • The actually episodes don't match up with scheduled ones

    I TIVO all stand ups but recently I get different programs. I called TIVO and they suggested to contact Comedy Central Presents...Can anyone help me?
  • Truly a lifesaver.

    The other day I was walking down the street when I watched an old lady get stuck under a rampaging rhino so heavily tranqulized that it couldn't even roll over off this poor woman (who had 9 children and 15 grandchildren depending on her!). The situation was bleak and then from out of nowhere, Comedy Central Presents comes soaring around the corner in a 65 El Camino, jumps out of the car and rolls the Poor rhino into the bed of his car. He then gently picked up the eldery woman and placed her into the front seat. He yelled out "I'm thaking them to the vet and the hospital!" and sped off...leaving just us innocent bystanders to explain to police and fire crews what had happened...and that is why I'm not allowed to use my cell phone for 911 calls anymore.

    In reality, I love the line up for Comedy Central Presents. I don't think that the Roasts should be included in the episode listings, because there is a seprate program guide made for the Roasts, but the comedians are top notch, and maybe a dozen out of 200 episodes has failed to make me laugh. I love you Comedy Central presents.
  • has to be 1 of the funniest shows on tv

    i try to watch every episode i can... this is an amazing show that shows tv shouldnt have boundaries of where it can go... without this show many people like Carlos Mencia might not of been able to make it as far as they did... Dane Cook, Stephen Lynch, Bruce Bruce, and a bunch more were on this show and everyone of them got me laughing. sure every once in a while theres a dud and hes trying use jokes that were used and re used over and over again but when they get some1 good... i cant stop watching.
  • Gay people watch this... aand sadly I do too...

    Well... uh... Can I juggle or make jokes instead of reviewing a show on logo. No. Okay so then I guess I have to tell you I am a flutist! Okay this show is sorta funny but I really am not one who watchs it everday or every time it's on. Just when friday gets too boring after best week ever. Anyway comendy central know how to pick jokers and there funny but werid. I guess that why I afarid if I watch it too much I gonna have to comit a crime and get lock up. Scratch that I stole gum once. Anyways I just gie this show an 8. Damn comendy acts they are stupid!
  • Ha Ha Ha

    Who does'nt love comedy? Especially when its raw stand up of some of the best comedians who have ever stood in New York City from Stauton Island to Manhattan or from around the world.

    Sometimes its song, puppets or prop comedy. It might not sound that good but trust me you will laugh your head off.

    Whether its about politics, personal events, lifestyle, race, gender, there family, habits, random things, countries, hobbies or just nothing at all, it will be very very very very funny.

    So make sure you see New York City's finest comedians on Comedy Central Presents.Its a laugh.
  • This show has a little bit for everyone.

    No matter what kind of comedy you like, there is at least one episode of Comedy Central Presents that is for you. There is a very wide verity of stand-up on this show. Comedy Central Presents has comedy that you could watch with the family, and comedy that you could watch with the guys. It has everything from the family friendly to the cruel and crude. So if you like stand-up comedy or comedy at all this show is something you should try. There are a lot of great episodes by a lot of great comedians. But in the end, it's just great comedy.
  • funny

    Comedy at its best in most episodes . . . at its worst in others.In each episode a different comedian, sometimes famous to show how its done and sometimes just starting out hoping to start a career. Almost always full of laughs sometimes it makes you wonder why people suck so bad.
  • Standup on comedy central

    This show is a good one. The Great thing about this show is that it gives you a tast of comedians who are now astablished but not quit in the public eye yet. It is a good show that can make you laugh and on some nights yawn. But all in all the show is a good tast of stand up. You dont get the full scoup of the new comedian but you may be left wanting more or wanting none at all. This is a good show and if you are a fan of stand up comedy then you shoul wach.
  • Laughter is how i respond to this show, it is just soo funny.

    Okay this show is soo funny. All these comedians come up with such great acts! During the whole entire show i respond with laughter. The jokes they tell are really funny. One person, Carlos Mencia, who was on an episode even got his own show on Comedy Central. They get really good comedians to come and not just b/s people. Also i enjoy the different flavor each of them approach the audience with. The show can go to different extremes of funny which makes it orginal and not a copy of anything. Anyone who watches this show must love it!
  • Stand up comics do their thing.

    This show is show cool and is very funny. I watch it every day. And I can't wait to see it a again. This show is so funny anf it has the funniest poeple on it. I am in love with the show. Because if it the world is ten times funnier.
  • This is a great show that is worth watching. In each episode a different comedian, sometimes famous sometimes just starting out, show their stuff. Some of the episodes have been great and they make sure to choose people who are funny.

    This is a great show that is worth watching. In each episode a different comedian, sometimes famous sometimes just starting out, show their stuff. Some of the episodes have been great and they make sure to choose people who are funny.

    Stephen Lynch, Lewis Black, and Frank Caliendo were three of my favorite Comedy Central Presents episodes.