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Season 9 Episode 25

Roast of Pamela Anderson

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • A bit of quality comedy from the people who make funny their business.

    Now that this is being released on DVD (Valentine's Day), the debates can fire up again. I thought that this was one of the funniest moments of 2005 and is definitely worth seeing more than once. A couple of highlights include a raunchy Bea Arthur, Andy Dick feeling up both Pam and Tommy Lee, Courtney Love claiming a years sobriety but, acting completely wasted and the now infamous see-through shirt that Pam wore to the event.
  • Pam Anderson is growing up...

    Anything with Pam in it is always going to present some form of humor and entertainment. Sometimes with her, sometimes at her. But, we always come back for more. Pam has always happily presented herself as the sensuous side-offering. The only appearance I can remember when she held the entire screen on her shoulders was the ridiculous script of Barb Wire. This showed she could hold the entire screen given the right script. This woman has yet to show us her best(not breast)work.(~Stacked was/is balanced between many actors and skits~)
    Pam knows this business very well and has also yet to get the respect she deserves. Why? Because it seems she knows that entertainment is more important than stardome.
    When a girl like Pam arrives in LA...gets the Home Improvement gig, she immediately pisses-off every stripper in LA that has already done their time and "should have gotten that role". Pam takes it because its offered and she comes in with a "gee, this is easy" attitude.
    Unfortunately she doesn't see what is happening to her at this time which is stereotyping. She could land any role that only needed boobs, smile and a warming personality. That's not acting that's type-casting...arriving as-is and never allowed to grow away from her stereotype as a dumb but funny big boob blonde with a beautiful smile isn't the best thing for her. We all need to let her grow out of our current vision of her and let her reach for new challenges in the life that surrounds her. I can't say this show was the best way to do that...but she looked good.
    I can, and have, imagined any amount of time with that woman, and how I could convince her that I was the man for her just given the opportunity. The thing is it's really not that I am the man for her, it's that I feel she is the woman for me...and about 20 billion other men. Why? because she represents the girlfriend that is pleasent, easy to get along with and is always the most beautiful thing in the world...A woman who would only have to look at an ice cream cone to melt it down.
    This roast may have been her Swan Song as she is said to be downplaying her breasts in the future and will be concentrating on roles that help create and define a character that is respected and not just built on Barbi sexuality. Lots of smart women will drop their distaste for her if this happens and she will see an explosion of populatiry...and...for ALL the right reasons.
    To be honest we have all wanted to be or be with Pam at one point or another even if for a short time and few TV and Silver Screen Performers have that type of honest attraction. You get Pam as is and it's wonderful. Most other people in Hollywood you will meet are actually nothing like they present themselves so it's very hard to even understand these people. You get Pam's heart from day one and she will never pretend to be something she's not. Lot's of women out there have breast work and never admit to the procedure.
    Hey Pam, don't ever change but it is time to grow. I hope you can see the difference from your prospective.
  • Very funny! Stars poke fun about Pam\'s breasts, percieved lack of intelligence, etc.

    Very little is censored in Pam\'s roast. Stars poke fun at Pam, Courtney Love (and her drug habit). She is seated next to Pam. Of course, Tommy Lee is there, and he has some things to say too. Very enjoyable, but don\'t let your young kids see it. It\'s a 90 minute wild ride!