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Comedy Central Roast

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This annual laugh fest from Comedy Central picks a particular celebrity each year as it's target. A panel is selected from the celebrity's peers and current, popular comedians to comically point out the foibles of the personal and professional lives of the celebrity in question.

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  • miss piggy

    roast miss piggy please it would be funny since she is a pig. joan river, sharon osbourne, seth macfarlane and lady gaga would be good
  • Roast Suggestion

    Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber should definitely be roasted
  • New roast show is nothing like the original Dont even watch

    The new roasts are no good and should not even be on tv. To many curse words. It is a shame that we have to use bad words to get a laugh Dean Martin did not need to do that and his show was funny as can be.
  • i disagree with the gilbert godfrey claim trxxxpr

    gilbert godfrey should be in the comedy central roast. my fav one of his is on david hasslehoff's roast about pamela anderson's vagina. that was the only thing entertaining in that show because who even likes that little david hasslehoff prick? there's so many crackheads (not including charlie sheen) who are in this show like farah facet in william shatner's roast. she wasn't funny and she kept tripping over her words. they also need to get rid of that little nobody ross and that ugly bitch lampeneli. they've never been funny nor will they ever. they need to roast someone who's actually worth a damn. if they had actually funny people in charlie's roast, it'd be fantastic. the whole thing about ross dressing up like the cuban dictator made him look like a complete douche. so, in conclusion, they should take out most of the roasters and keep seth macfarlene as the host and gilbert godfrey as a special guest. thank you.moreless
  • The Flava Flav Roast is not the first...but did have an amazing cast of Roasters

    Sadly wants to white wash a 40 year tradition of good television by starting the Comedy Central Roast Series with Flavor Flav. Even some underfunded kindergarten dective work shows that the Celebrity Roast was on TV in the late 60's. But that may not be congruous with the current Comedy Central "series". Fine. But can we please at least include the notable greats that *have* been roasted on-air by comedy central? I speak of Denis Leary, Pamela Anderson, William Shatner, and Jeff Foxworthy. Would that be too much? I mean while we're at about delving a *little* deeper and including the roasts done by the New York Friar's Club but aired by Comedy Central? These were even better and included; Drew Carey, Jerry Stiller, Rob Reiner, Hugh Hefner, and Chevey Chase. These were the originals and it's sad to see that hasn't included these when you look for "roast"...

    For my review of the "whole" show? It was great and hilarious I laughed so hard my wife worried about me.moreless

    James Franco's Roast of Comedy Central: Genius Unscathed?

    I know hateful jokes at roasts are a beloved tradition, but then again, so is female circumcision. (Top-hat cymbal brush, laughs!)


    News Briefs: Ashton's Two and a Half Men Debut Draws 28 Million Viewers

    Plus: Charlie Sheen's roast is a hit for Comedy Central, The Playboy Club is a bomb for NBC, and Syfy turns fantasy vehicles into reality.

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    • rehearsed and edited,but shocking?
      We know that the comics rehearse these roasts, and they edit them..' why do they laugh and get mad at certain jokes insulting them...
    • Why?
      Why is it that in the last four years, there's only been five roasts? Because people will want to watch it more if they're more in...
    • Flavor Flav Roast, August 12, 2007
      High-larious! Much better than even the Shatner roast. Greg Giraldo was awesome. I laughed so hard I gave myself a sore throat. Li...
    • Joan Rivers
      Comedy Central will be roasting Joan Rivers, the old bat, and it should be good. If you know Joan as much as my Mom then you shoul...

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