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Comedy Central's Last Laugh '05

Sunday 9:00 PM on Comedy Central Premiered Dec 11, 2005 In Season


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Comedy Central's Last Laugh '05

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Comedy Central presents their annual comedy show to poke fun at the big events that formed 2005! Top comedians review happenings such as hook ups between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as well as Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore while also touching on more serious topics as the discovery of the Deep Throat identity and the new Pope! Oh no they didn't? Oh yes they did! Nobody that made headlines in 2005 is safe from being roasted!
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  • i don't know..

    I don't know I honestly think that this years addition was bad. I would really like to see a variety of comics on Comedy Central. It seems that with every show they put on, they use the same ten comics they feature on their channel to star in it. With the exception of Lewis Black, David Cross and Sarah Silverman all the other "comics" were one-dimensional and boring. Lisa Lampanelli is way too overrated to be on television. I don't care if she likes having sex with black men (it took her only two seconds after walking out to remind us), in fact noone does. David Spade not liking being stuck in traffic was also lame. Oh yeah and two words: CARLOS MENCIA. Who ever gave that jack~ss a career should be shot in the face.moreless
  • This show is great

    this show is very funny the comedians are great and their view are very funny of the more serious events this year this is an excelent show for teens and adults only i would not allow your childeren to watch this by themselves if you do allow them to watch this
  • i may not have seen this years last laugh but all the others were great

    well the only comedians i remember that are on this one are carlos mencia david spades and some guy.well with all thats gone on this year, its going to be crazy as no actualy crazier than gorge bush, beavis, and butthead when their well being themself. o yeah both carlos and spades hav their own shows, hosted comedy tours, been in comedy tours, and terrorizing al qeada monthlys printing groups. o ifor got to tell ya carlos mencia is now...WetBackIng. this is going to be the best lastlaugh this year so be sure to tune in tommorow that is if you have cable......... or dishes in your cabnet.


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