Comedy Inc.

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Comedy Inc.

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Comedy Inc. is an off-beat half-hour, sketch comedy series starring comedian/writer Roman Danylo. The seven member cast co-stars Second City alumni Aurora Browne and Jen Goodhue, comedians Terry McGurrin and Winston Spear with Gavin Stephens and Jenn Robertson. Comedy Inc.'s high-energy cast, who are all writers for the show, each bring their individual uniqueness to each episode's fast-paced sketches. Twisted, inventive and often dark, Comedy Inc. bristles with political/social satire and vigorous physical comedy. Sketches include the exploits of Osama Bin Laden's gay brother, Toronto resident Lance Bin Laden; "Supernatural Kids Say the Darndest Things"; "The Unknown Actor's Studio"; Al-Jazeera's favourite game show, Hussein's Line Is It Anyway; Ghandi and Hutch's new TV action series; the musical side of actor Colin Farrell; Sting's teacher, "Tantric Sex Master"; a spoof of American Idol; French Friends and "How To Be Canadian". Comedy Inc. features a long list of guest stars including Gemini-nominated comedian Nikki Payne, Perry Perlmutar, Alex Nussbaum, Ian Sirota, Albert Howell, James Roussel, Gilson Lubin and James Cunningham. In addition to the cast, writers for the series include Heidi Foss, Paul Mather, Sandra Faire, Ian Sirota, Matt Watts, Albert Howell, Justin Skinner, and Scott McCrickard.moreless

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AIRED ON 7/23/2003

Season 1 : Episode 22

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  • Utterly Pathetic!

    This is one of those few TV shows that is so completely awful it makes me want to punch my TV. I am not exaggerating when I say that to sit through more than three seconds of this show makes me so angry I want to punch every single person who has ever been on it. According to the synopsis the show was also written by the cast, well maybe that's the number one problem right there because apparently they couldn't write. Not that they were any good performing but that's another problem altogether. I completely hate this show and I can't believe it was ever put on the air, and actually stayed on the air for a few seasons. Shame on everyone responsible for this tax-dollar-wasting POS show!moreless
  • Yikes!

    This show is the worst sketch comedy show I have ever seen on TV and is maybe the worst sketch comedy show there has ever been. Saturday Night Live has had some terrible episodes and terrible seasons but at least sometimes it is good and sometimes really good. I can't believe a show like Comedy Inc lasted more than one season and can't believe that it got on the air in the first place. What is wrong with Canadian television stations when so many terrible shows get put on TV year after year? Especially the comedy shows, they are terrible. I can not believe it.moreless
  • Cancel the show, burn the tapes.

    This show is the most unfunny thing I've ever seen. I can't even imagine how anyone could find any of it funny. I don't understand how a group of people sat around in a room coming up with this stuff and thinking that it was in any way humorous. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves for producing this bland, unoriginal piece of television. Roman Danylo, especially, needs to never do anything in the entertainment industry ever again. I would go as far as to say Royal Canadian Air Farce is better than this. AIR FARCE! I think that's really saying something about how unfunny this show is.moreless
  • Pathetic

    I've seen a lot of bad television shows in my day but Comedy Inc has to be just about the worst television show ever. The writing is putrid, the acting is just as bad, nothing about this show is the least bit funny or enjoyable or even remotely interesting on one single level. The show is a complete and total failure in every possible way. Only in Canada could useless garbage like this ever get made let alone actually be put on television! Comedy Inc is basically the follow up show to Holmes Alone, the same awful sketch comedy show but with Jessica Holmes gone. Not that it was good with her either, just saying if you consider it as one running show it was on for at least seven years, proof that something is seriously wrong with the Canadian television system.moreless
  • Yuck!

    Yuck this show is gross, I don't mean Yuck-yuck as in laughing as in this show is funny because of all the words you can use to describe Comedy Inc funny without a doubt is not one of those words.

    Comedy Inc stands out even next to all the other terrible Canadian comedy shows being made in recent years as one of the worst series ever made. I hope the person who made this show is being held responsible and will never again be allowed to make another TV show. The last reviewer who said to burn the tapes was right it's the only way to make sure this yucky show never is seen again.moreless
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    Thursday Night Football

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