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Sunday 12:00 AM on AMCIn Season

First Season thoughts?

What do you think about the show?

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    [1]Mar 14, 2012
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    I really like the show and hope it returns next season with The Walking Dead. It seems to be the right show to have inbetween the two airings of the Walking Dead.

    Looking at thr stats, it might make sense to bring it back as well:

    Last fall the seaon finale of Hell On Wheels brought in 3.8 million viewers. The average for that show was around 2-3 million viewers.

    The average for Comic Book Men is 1.5 million.

    Now I know you might be saying how is that good for the show. It has nearly half the audience than Hell On Wheels. But think of this, with Hell On Wheels...you have to pay for:
    1) a cast that includes such actors like Colm Meaney that get paid way more than a Ming from Comic Book Men
    2) a cast that is a lot more than the 5 cast members on the Comic Book Men
    3) an eleborate set that costs to make, repair and update...let's face it...the Comic Book Men store is already built and costs little to maintain since it's an existing business

    AMC is all about getting all the bang for their buck that they can. HoW has already been approved for their 2nd season, but maybe AMC might try to put them somewhere else than right after The Walking Dead. If HoW is so strong (2nd highest watched AMC show), it might be utilized better by putting it around some shows that needs some help in the ratings.

    Comic Book Men is cheap to make and fits right in with a show that was created from a comic book.

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    [2]May 3, 2012
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    I'm not a comic book fan, but dig this show. Joseph Campbell said for years that Comic Books are the foundation for many tales told today. I enjoy the history and education that goes along with customer attempting to pawn their wares. I will say however that Walt tells on himself week after week. You can't beat people up and offer $10 for an item then turn around and sell it for $60.

    Great show, could care less about the time seeing as I DVR it and watch it during the week. At the same time I'd never sell anything or buy anything from this store as I've seen the business model is raping customers. My guess is this is a major factor that the Hollywood location closed. You need the gullible youth of New Jersey in order to take advantage of your customer base.

    Looking forward to new episodes, these guys are entertaining.

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    [3]May 6, 2012
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    Well said monkey!!
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    [4]Jul 1, 2012
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    Just found this and watched them all, enjoyed it a lot, I'm not into comics at all but I do like comic book movies and geeky things like that, also a big fan of collectibles (I have a number from buying special edition video games for example) so whilst I don't share their love for comics themselves I enjoy the talk and banter about comics and heroes/villains etc on occasion some of the "scenes" have seemed a bit staged and the dialogue is forced but it's at its best when they're just being their natural selves and chatting/bantering away between each other.

    I think best moment for me was when the guy walked in with a tattered box of his Grandma's old comics, turns out they were worth in excess of $750k wowzers!

    Looking forward to season 2.
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