Supernatural returned to Comic-Con this year in its usual Sunday-morning timeslot in Hall H. Taking the stage were showrunner Jeremy Carver, Winchester Bros Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins (whom the audience greeted with great enthusiasm), Mark Sheppard, and executive producer Robert Singer in his Comic-Con debut.

To kick things off the audience was treated to a trailer sizzle reel to build anticipation for Season 9, embedded above. One highlight: Crowley being treated to a fate almost worse than death. "We're going to leave you alone," said the Winchesters. With no one to talk to, "solitary is pretty much your own personal hell."

The descriptor for Season 9 is "free-for-all," a term Carver uses liberally. (At this point, Collins and Sheppard interrupted their showrunner with some namecard hijinks.) Carver said that "a world with fallen angels is a dirty, scary, bloody, and really human world."

He also said that "the brothers' choice to save each other has left them stronger than ever, but there's a tremendous amount of fallout. They're walking into a world where all the normal constructions of heaven and hell aren't the same anymore."

Padalecki added, "When we have the king of hell living in our dungeon and angels walking around all over, we're really going to need each other."

As for our favorite fallen angel, Collins promised a "remarkable shift" for Castiel. Now when he pops in, "basically [all he can do is] fold laundry." He also experiences eating for the first time... and what follows. 

"There's a great bathroom scene," Padalecki cracked—and "it's a three-episode arc," said Carver. 

The Winchesters will still be hanging out in the bunker. "Men of Letters is the first permanent set we've had in eight seasons," observed Singer. (No more seedy motels? Fie!)

When a fan asked about Bobby's return, which Jim Beaver spilled on Twitter, Singer griped: "Jim Beaver tweets he's going to be coming back before we have any plans to do it!" Then Carver elaborated, but only slightly: "He's coming back in a way you wouldn't expect, and that's how I'm going to leave it." 

Regarding the return of Charlie, Singer complained about Felicia Day's diva behavior on set—and she rushed onstage to defend her rep. Astonishingly, she revealed that this panel marked her first time in Hall H. Raving about her guest-star experience, Day said she's "blessed to be working with these amazing men with excellent hair."

Then she added, "I think this show needs a Teflon vagina," to which Singer quipped: "That's why we have Mark Sheppard!"

Day also answered an unsolicited question: How do Jensen and Jared smell? "Coriander and leather. It's a potpourri scent."

The conversation turned next to a few of Dean's favorite things—in particular, the Impala. "He loves driving that beast down the highway, rocking out to rock 'n' roll," said Ackles. " And pie."

Ackles and Collins then bickered about Castiel learning to driving Dean's baby. As Singer noted, Ackles "has a sick proprietary feeling about this car." In fact, Ackles admitted he doesn't even like it when the Teamsters drive it.

As for the Winchesters' favorite weapons, Padalecki said he really wants to use the car's grenade launcher, while Ackles loves his 1911, a gun he can proficiently shoot, take apart, and reassemble.

Like Ackles before him, Collins is taking a turn behind the camera this season to direct Episode 17. Sheppard grumbled, "They don't let me do anything."

Carver mostly remained tightlipped about Season 9, but he did say this: "We're going to see angels and demons intersect a lot this year. It's going to be really fun and interesting. And a free-for-all."

"You can look forward to the boys being knee deep in angel problems this year."

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