Comic Relief Does Fame Academy - Season 2

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  • Red Nose Day 2005 The Final
    Red Nose Night: Live 05 7:00pm - 7:30pm Jonathan Ross kicks off the night with Jools Holland and his orchestra celebrating the tenth Red Nose Night and the twentieth anniversary of Comic Relief. Harry Hill take a look at the past 12 months on TV and Ant and Dec put some famous victims through a special Shepherd's Bush Tucker Trial. Fame Academy, My Family and McFly 7:30pm - 8:00pm The remaining three Fame Academy students sing in the live semi-final. Dick and Dom are joined by Sara Cox and Rupert Grint in a game of Pro Celebrity Bogies. McFly play pop, and My Family get back together again, and end up in bed with Dermot Murnaghan, Anthony Head and Nell McAndrew. Spider-Plant Man and Peter Kay 8:00pm - 8:30pm The premiere of Comic Relief's blockbuster Spider-Plant Man, with Rowan Atkinson, Rachel Stevens, Jim Broadbent, Simon Pegg, Mackenzie Crook and Tony Robinson. Peter Kay and friends give a rendition of the 1970s classic Amarillo. Davina McCall prepares Jack Dee for a difficult night as he risks all for Comic Relief. Little Little Britain and Big Big Impression 8:30pm - 9:00pm George Michael stars in one of a new clutch of sketches from Little Britain. George Clooney and Ross and Rachel from Friends appear courtesy of Alistair McGowan and Ronnie Ancona. The Vicar of Dibley and the Fame Academy Final 9:00pm - 10:00pm The Antiques Roadshow comes to Dibley, with hilarious consequences, in a Vicar of Dibley special. The finale of Spider-Plant Man sees Spider-Plant Man in a fight with his evil arch-enemy. Plus the grand final of Fame Academy, live from the Comic Relief studio. BBC TWO - Comic Relief University Challenge 10:00pm - 10:35pm Angus Deayton hosts a special edition for Comic Relief that pits the North against the South in a know-it-all battle of knowledge. Lining up on the South team are Stephen Fry, Hugh Grant, Sarah Alexander and Omid Djalili. The North is represented by Armando Iannucci, Neil Morrissey, Colin Murray and John Thomson. Red Nose Night: Live 05 10:35pm - 11:30pm As Comic Relief continues, Graham Norton explodes into action. The Fame Academy winner is announced. Ricky Gervais does his bit for Comic Relief. Vicky Pollard makes a shocking appearance on Trisha in Little Britain 2 and Paul Calf is probably not sober. Ab Fab and Blind Date 11:30pm - 12:00am Graham Norton watches in horror as the Ab Fab team try to re-form the Spice Girls for Comic Relief. Keane play perfectly. Condoleezza Rice, looking suspiciously like Lenny Henry, addresses the people of Britain. Plus a very special Blind Date.moreless
  • Thursday Reggie Expelled
    BBC Two 7.40am - 7.55am CBBC Channel 8.15am - 8.30am | 2.15am - 2.30am BBC One 8.00pm - 9.00pm The Celebrity FA Semi Final is live from the Academy tonight. BBC Three 9.00pm - 9.30pm Claudia is live on her last night of coverage for Three. BBC One 9.30pm - 10.00pm The results are now in, who's going through to tomorrow nights Comic Relief final from BBC TV Centre? Cat and Pat reveal the last vote results from the Academy. BBC Three 10.00pm - 10.30pm & 11.00pm - 11.30pm Two parts Claudia is live for her very last show of the series as she tries to cheer up the celeb who didn't make it to the final.moreless
  • Wednesday Debra Expelled
    Wednesday 9th March 8.00pm – BBC One Tonight according to Cat: Its intense, it's passionate, it's live. It's Comic Relief Does Fame Academy. Tonight expelled students Dawn, Nick & Jon were all back in the audience cheering on their new found friends. Cat and Paddy had tissues to blow their noses about something that was to be coming up later on. The Judges, the Grants, Kevin and Jeremy were all given introductions. So straight up its Debra singing Stop – Lesley "I truly think that Debra is the student you should be most proud of David and Carrie" "She has made enormous strides while being here" "we've always had the top of your voice, always flexible and lovely and that's still there but now we've got this amazing rich lower sound" "often when you change a voice you loose the good but you've kept the good and only added to it" "all that and you do a wicked impression of me lady fantastic" Richard "They do quite a few impersonations, but I have to say that was extremely poor, you started really badly, you never got off the ground, I've got a good vantage point from here from the side of the stage, I do know that your talented" Lesley tries to speak again but Richard refuses to let her speak, he continues "I thought in the first 30 seconds and getting into the high notes" Paddy then tries to speak but Richard says "Do not interrupt me Patrick" Carrie is heard shouting "Interrupt him Patrick from the other side of the studio" Richard says "Even the national press have picked up that you're a Wally" Patrick then tries again to speak but Richard begins to get angrier and shouts "Shut up, Shut up" So Patrick says "bye bye lets go to Carrie" Carrie "I think we have to remember that this girl had to take comments a few nights ago like you sound like an eight year old girl, like a choir girl" "that is not an eight year old choir girl singing" Next its Edith Bowman. In honor of Coldplay's Chris Martin she had "Make Votes Fair" written across the back of her hand – Trouble - Craig "I think you had one little fluffed note, I really loved your voice and I would really love to see you go through to final" Lesley "What really moves me about your performances is that you love the music, other music does suit you better" "it was a very moving performance" Richard "It got better as it went along Edith, it had a disappointing start" "at the end you came through" "Totally well done" Reggie is seen having a down day in the Academy and he had a very brief cry, when it cuts back to the live show Cat says she just has to…(she gives him a hug and he puts on a cheeky face when she has her arms around him) she says I just had to! - Zoom – Craig "Reggie I really admire your courage to get up there and try stuff like that" "I can't lie that was excruciating and painful" Carrie "excruciating should never be said to describe a performance, excruciating is what we see in Africa. Secondly anyone out there who likes to sing knows that it's all about confidence and Reggie's performances will be remembered outside this Academy, all you will be remembered for is crushing someone's spirit" Craig "Of course you'd say that you're his teacher" "I am here to judge here" Carrie "You criticize, that's not the same as critique" Reggie speaks up "I think us as students, the one thing that we really want from you as judges is good points, bad points and instruction on how to do better" "Every single night since we started this competition you've come and you've tried to crush people" Paddy then says "He hosts Top of the Pops, he doesn't actually sing on it" Richard "As he moved around on that stage and as he tried to command the audience he was at his very best, and as a performance he actually passed muster, it was good. The voice is not there, we can't pretend it's there, the bar has now gone up everybody is sounding poorer than I've heard them sound tonight Reggie and you're in a telephone race to see who gets the votes, you've come on leaps and bounds" Kim is shown crying in a class earlier in the morning with David & Carrie – Born to try – Paddy tells her he had goose pimples while he listened from the side of the stage – Richard "That is what I call giving a performance, we've waited ten days for that, at last power, precision, great singing, some character, a tear, some thought. Delta Goodrem couldn't do it better than that" Lesley "I've been longing to see you do this, its another level now, you've always sung really beautifully, That's the best performance" Craig "Your born to sing, absolutely amazing" Cat is up on the balcony with Mr. & Mrs. Medcalf, Kim's parents who are very happy with their girls achievements – Adrian – had been advised to stop drinking to save his voice - with Cat he is seen in a straight jacket that he will be wearing for his performance – Ade comments that Cat has forgotten to wear a bra for tonight's show to which she replies "I don't really need one, they stay up their on their own" Ade says "I'm enjoying looking at them" Cat replies "I'm glad your hands are tied behind your back!" Fame – Craig "I don't quite know what you were trying to achieve with that; It was an interesting concept" Lesley "I was expecting a leotard and legwarmers [for the Fame theme]. Actually I think I've worked it out you mean anybody would be insane to become famous, is that it?" Ade replies "She's sharp isn't she" Lesley "I'm seriously worried about your voice" Richard "I think tomorrow night you'll be singing "Red, Red Wine" that reminded me as One flew over the cuckoo's nest" "If your going to win the competition your going to have to try and improve the voice" A shout is heard from up in the balcony from Dawn French who is joined by Cat who asks what she thought of the comments "Cruelty Relief really, idiots" Cat asks which has been her favorite Ade performance "That was pretty good, very subtle, he's a fabulous performer, wonderful singer, marvelous dancer and wonderful at love making" Cat tells her that Edith is performing a duet with him later and asks have [Dawn] and he ever made sweet music together? Dawn says "that's for Adrian and I to know and you to wonder" Dawn out of the blue then asks Cat "I'd like to know Cat, Actually are you wearing any pants?" Cat answers "I have pants on yes, I'm not commando down there but I am up top" Dawn enquires "Is it a thong?" Cat says "Yes" to which Dawn comments "She's thinging a thong" to roars of laughter from Cat and the audience in the studio. Finally asked why the public should vote for Ade, Dawn replies "He's a fantastic guy and he's entertaining everybody" Cat "Now that we've established my underwear situation back to Paddy" Paddy "Thank you very much Cat and I'm wearing a leopard print g string!" Next to the group songs, the soap sisters Kim and Debra are joined by soul boy Reggie – Just a Little – Craig "Debra I had no idea you could move like that, and great singing from you two" Lesley "This is my favorite bit of the show, you all had such a good time" Richard "After some nervous individual performances you've got yourselves back into the running for tonight" Now on to one of the most unique performances of the series Edith and Adrian from a bed on the circle of fear singing I've got you babe, for the judges comments Paddy joins them in the sack – Richard "After the tense night we're having that was just what we needed, that was a good old fashioned belly laugh, that forty year old song was probably never sung male wise worse than we just heard" Craig "I loved the staging and I loved the characters you guys were playing, fantastic" That was the end of the show for now, phone lines were open and the result were to follow later. Tonight show drew an audience of 6.7 million viewers making it the most watched programme on UK television at that time. The Results 10.40pm – BBC One One of the final five are about to loose their place at the Academy. Tonight alone nearly 1.25 million votes had been made for this show, which meant that £900,000 had been raised by the show so far for Comic Relief. Lurking upstairs in the Academy was BBC Three host Claudia who had her face lodged in a facial steamer which was given to the students to help with sore throats; Ade tells the others about the Comic Relief single living doll with Cliff Richard that was number one for seven weeks. Debra, Kim, Edith Ade and Reggie went through some fan mail that had been delivered that morning from the CBBC fans. West End dance troop Stomp was invited that morning by Kevin to show the students how it was done, rhythm and co ordination. Phone lines had now closed. Paddy asks Reggie about the tears from earlier that day. Reggie brushes them off as "man water" Adrian is asked by Cat if he has anything else to give "I've got bugger all left" Edith is asked by Paddy what it would be like to be back again in the outside world but no answer is given as his pronunciation is made a joke of and he calls them all racists. In no particular order, the two students with the most votes and defiantly keeping their place in the Academy is Kim, the final person joining her Edith. It's not over yet for Reggie, Adrian and Debra. The judges vote: Craig "I want to see this person fly again, my vote goes to Debra" Lesley "Cause I want his babies, Adrian" Richard "Well I give the casting vote on this occasion to Adrian" Reggie and Debra's fates were now in the students hands. Reggie "I've been here longer than I ever thought, do what you've got to do" Debra "I glad I'm here and not over there voting" The Student vote: Kim – Debra, Edith – Reggie, Adrian – Reggie. With two votes to one and once again returning to the Academy it's Reggie. Debra purposely goes down on the stage floor and has to be pulled back up by Cat, asked what her highlight was she says "It has to be Adrian's performance when he jumped on Lesley" Debra was gone and Kim was in tears. McFly were going to be in the studio tomorrow night for the Fame Academy Semi Final. This edition brought 5.5 million viewers to BBC Onemoreless
  • Tuesday Dawn Expelled
    Tuesday 8th March 8.00pm – BBC One Tonight six will become five. Good evening to the Judges, Mr & Mrs Grant and Kevin and Jeremy. First up its Edith, who is very tired with the "boot camp" life in the Academy, she was also quite moody in Kevin's dance class earlier – Sweet Dreams – Richard "Annie Lennox used to have great fun with that song" "you brought a massive amount of joy to that song and it swept around the whole Academy" "your finest to date" "well done brilliant" Lesley "I was so excited to hear you were going to hear this song, I was at the Royal Academy with her" "You have given us four decades of music" "your best moment" Paddy then comments on Lesley's revealing cleavage from her dress tonight. Craig "Last night I never got to comment on you, which was your worst performance" "tonight you came back up to your rock chick Edith, excellent" Up in the audience Cat is joined by Edith's mom who is so proud of her girl and will be supporting her to the very end with her "open ended ticket". On to Reggie – This old heart of mine – Craig "Reggie that was a very confident performance, but was by no way good enough to go through" Reggie hits back "Your almost pantomime" "give me something constructive" Craig "the other guys are way more talented" David "let me tell you something Craig, Reggie came in here, he isn't a singer but for Reggie that's the best performance he's done" "Everyone comes in at a different level" "the public are clearly hearing something else" Richard "The performance you put in was excellent" "your not hitting every note" "that was much better, somewhere in the middle of your previous efforts so if you fancy Reggie pick up the phone and vote for Reggie" Paddy than comments on "Richard fancying Reggie!" Dawn – What I am – Lesley "really interesting choice of song" "of all the contestants you seem the most mysterious, the most enigmatic which is a lovely quality to have cause you draw people to you" "on a technical level it covered the area's of your voice that you need to work on" Richard "it was patchy" "I don't think that song suited you" "It went over my head" "it was solid but not spectacular and you might be in the bottom three" Craig "I'm in Richards camp, it was nice to see you move" "it was great" Adrian was up next but with his voice going he had to go for a more spectacular performance to cover the lack of vocals. For this he was strapped into a pair of ski's that were weighed down so he could move forward and backward in various strange angles while singing It must be love – when Paddy joined him on stage at the end of the song for the judges critique Ade fell on to his side so Paddy layed down beside him for the comments – Richard "the voice is absolutely shot" "lay off the booze if you wanna makes the final" Craig "I would pay to see that performance again" Lesley "you are amazing I never thought you could make another sound" "if you eat another curry before bedtime I will personally smack your bottom" Up on the balcony Cat was joined by comic Harry Enfield and scene stealing son Archie. Harry said "that was his best performance" "he's the prettiest contestant" When Cat asks why the viewers at home should vote for Ade he replies should "he's the greatest really, and he's like the father and he's like that at home" "and lovely wife who is very often to faithful to" "he's a gorgeous chap all around and everybody's favorite childish drunkard" "he's gonna win" Cat thanks Harry and Archie and as she is introducing the clip for Kim's day in the Academy, young Archie starts to clap uncontrollably, then licks his palms and sticks his tongue out to laughter from the audience and Cat alike. On to Albert Squares Kim Medcalf – Perfect – When Paddy joins her, he asks for Richards comments and then his handheld microphone flies from his hand right across the stage – Richard "Tonight you look radiant, your confidence is at the highest its ever been" "if you continue to perform like this on Friday night down at Comic Relief you will have a very happy night indeed" Craig "I agree with Richard, vocally it was perfect, I just wish you hadn't generalized the lyric" David "What Craig is saying is that he would have preferred to have heard the song sung to a specific person" Lesley "To survive this experience you have to develop stamina, some of the other students are showing cracks while you seem to be going from strength to strength" "you have continued growing" "to hit those high notes at this stage in the competition, it's phenomenal" Debra – Anyone who had a heart – Lesley "that was just the kind of risk I have been longing for you to take and you did it really well" "I think at this stage of the competition the competitors are all singing songs they never expected they'd have to sing so your on your second choices" "it was really good" Richard "there was the odd consonant slip up, you came out here you stormed it, very very good" up on the balcony Cat is joined by Coronation Street stars Nikki Sanderson and Danny Young who think she did fantastic, she's always singing in their greenroom, they agree half and half with the criticism from the judges. Now on to the group performances first up Reggie, Adrian, Dawn and Edith with It Ain't what you do – Richard "In that quartet Edith carried it off, I enjoyed that" Craig "Edith held it together" Lesley "It epitomized what this show is all about" Now on to the duet of Coronation Street vs. EastEnder's, Kim and Debra – I only want to be with you – Craig "I guess you guys had just 6 minutes to learn it, I liked the sixty's moves, sugar, sweet I liked it" Lesley "Oh it was great, I just loved it" "your voices blend so well" Richard "that song is 42 years old, that was superb" That was it for now The results will follow in 90 minutes time. The Results 10.35pm – BBC One Welcome back to the Academy, tonight they had more votes than any other night in this series. So far £650,000 has been raised topping the total raised in the 2003 series. Miss Claudia was now upstairs in the students living room, the highlights of the last day are shown including Adrian trying to return expelled student Nicks guitar and the toast to Nicholas Othello Augustus Knowles. They all watched back their performances with David and Carrie and also saw the legend that is Barbara Windsor crying when she was talking to Cat. That morning ballerina Darcey Bussel came to the academy to give a pilates class. All the students and Kevin Adams showed off his ballet skills. The lines were then closed. Paddy asks Reggie how things are without Nick, while Cat asks Debra about singing with Kim earlier. Adrian is asked by paddy about what tricks are left with his voice now gone. Cat asks Kim about how hard the student vote is getting. Finally Paddy asks Reggie about his chances of getting through tonight. A Comic Relief film based on projects in the UK and fronted by Martin Clunes was then broadcast. The results of the votes are now in. The three saved by the public are: Kim, Adrian and Debra. Edith, Reggie and Dawn faced the judges. Craig – "I would like to save Edith tonight because she's fantastic" Lesley – "everytime she sings I think I'm listening to the original artist – Edith" Richard "I think it's a travesty that she was in the bottom three at all so unquestionably Miss Bowman your're through" Cat then asks Reggie if there was anything he wanted to say to the voting students "I've already been here before, man If I go out I'll be pleased" and Dawn "I've had a brilliant time, so whatever it's fine" The student vote: Kim – Dawn, Adrian – Reggie, Debra – Dawn & Edith – Reggie. So it went back to the public vote. The student with the most votes from the public was; Reggie. So Dawn was going home. Speaking to Cat, Dawn said "All the amazing people she has met" will be her main memory. So only five remained at the Academy.moreless
  • Monday Nick Expelled
    Monday 7th March 9.00pm - BBC One The final week of this series began tonight with the final seven students singing live for your vote with the great news that almost £500,000 has been raised so far. Fame Academy's most famous ex student Lemar was there and would be performing later. The judges, the Grants and Kevin and Jeremy were all given intros. First up its Nick wearing combats and black sleeveless vest with a fake tattoo – Left outside alone – Richard "Nick is a very successful TV presenter no doubt, he used to be a rugby player, a game of two halves, the performance you put about a bit but vocally it don't like it" "in the cold light of day you aren't a good singer" Lesley "your not a good singer yet" "you can connect instantly to that soul that we saw in the video there" "I heard some nice sounds from last nights the rat pack" "tonight you were back to the rough" Craig "I like the look" "I agree with Richard about the vocals" "you forced it" Up on the balcony Cat spoke briefly to Rugby Legend Martin Offiah, who said Nick stands a very good chance of winning. On to Edith who Cat asked if she would join fellow Scot Dawn in a rendition of The Proclaimers 500 miles? Edith said that they had it planned – Bridge over troubled water – Lesley "very often in a competition like this there's a lull, that was one of the bravest songs to try" "you sang it fabulously" Richard "Edith has been working very hard, once or twice it didn't get there" "remarkable courage, that's a hit for you" Reggie appears with hair sprayed red nose red – Dancing on the ceiling – Craig "confidence on the dance floor" "I didn't like the hair and your voice" "great persona" Carrie "I don't agree about the voice, each night the judges have to get closer to the sound monitors and now they don't know if your out of tune or not and that a good thing" Richard "you have turned it around" Lesley "There have been singers who arrived knowing their voices but you and Nick needed to be trained" "I heard almost no out of tune sounds there" Dawn – Don't it make my brown eyes blue – Lesley "I think your biggest problem is your self confidence" "you have a wonderful unique quality" "You still have some tuning problems but you performed it beautifully" Craig "We have Dawn back in the house" Richard "as the country girl you have come along and have not let the side down, not perfect but very good" Adrian – Crazy Horses – Craig "fantastic performance" Lesley "your just in a class of your own" "your loosing your voice, an amazing performance" Richard "that's the poorest you've performed" "I like to see something new from you" Then Cat introduced a clip of Nick Knowles and Liza Tarbuck from the Comic Relief's Big Celebrity Nose Job where they helped build a a clinic in just two days. Debra – I believe in you – Richard – "a bit lightweight" "vocal delivery didn't match the moves" David "what do you expect her to do an Aretha Franklin on a Kylie Minogue song! Carrie "She was singing it stronger than Kylie" Richard "the voice was lightweight, the performance was good" Craig " I really liked seeing you do some dance moves" "I do believe the song didn't do you any favours" Lesley "I thought you were better than Kylie" "That song goes very low and very high" "your tuning is perfect" Now on to Kim – Don't know why – Lesley "When other people are staring to feel tired your just going from strength to strength" Craig "It was fantastic" Up on the balcony Cat was joined by a tearful Barbara Windsor - "Cat I've gone, my admiration for the thirteen people who have gone into this show and singing live in front of all those millions of viewers" "I think their all fantastic" Following the recap it was time to bring Lemar back to the Fame Academy stage, a brief reminder was shown of his time in the Academy as well as his chart success. He performed his new single "Time to Grow" from his massive selling album. The Results 10.35pm – BBC One After the all important numbers being shown again, Claudia takes over to show the reality side including Ainsley Harrriot's visit the night before when he cooked them a beautiful meal. As the lights went out Kim is heard moaning suggestively "Ohhh". A snoring Nick was recorded by a giggling Reggie and Adrian. Back on the Academy stage Lemar's earlier master class was shown and then he performed Lets stay together with Kim, Edith, Debra and Dawn on backing vocals. Now the results were in Dawn, Edith, Reggie and Kim all secured their places from the public, Debra, Adrian and Nick faced the judges, Craig – "I want to see more of Debra" Lesley "Because I think he has got a unique and extraordinary ability Adrian" Richard "I am going to put Adrian Edmondson back into the Academy". With Adrian saved Nick and Debra faced the student vote, Dawn – Debra, Edith – Debra, Reggie – Nick, Kim – Debra and Adrian – Nick. With two votes to three returning tonight was Debra. Nick was headed home. Speaking to Cat "My highlight was Beyond the sea last night" "Thank you so much for voting" "I've been to Zambia and Kenya, I've seen where the money goes" Cat asked any last word for Richard Park "No it's all just a bit of fun". The lines are opened and only six remain at the Academy.moreless
  • Sunday Gina Expelled
    Sunday 6th March 6.35pm – BBC One With all the celebrities dressed up in suits and cocktail dresses for Swing night and Paddy wearing a tie for the first time in Fame Academy history we were sure in for some treats. So far two million votes have been cast with £350,000 being raised for Comic Relief. Cat introduced the swinging trio who were going to be shooting from the hip, their very own "rat pack" the judges. So straight ahead to the performances and first up Edith – Come fly with me – Lesley "first of all I want to say how impressed I've been with the way you dealt with your sore throat" "that was wonderful" "you so understand the style" Craig "much better than last night" So not boring then? Edith asked. Craig "I wasn't bored for one moment" "effortless" Richard "for the best bits I was transported to a New York supper club in the 1920s" "Edith can do better" Carrie "she swang tonight Richard, you're bang out of order" Nick – The lady is a tramp – Lesley "well don't you scrub up well" "We've come a long way from the skirt and no knickers" "this is your music, that was fantastic, the best you've sung" Craig "I really enjoyed that and you sung in tune" Richard "Here's the serious critique, you've said you haven't sung well on the other nights and tonight is no exception" "the moving not great, the singing not great" Nick then responds "I was afraid that I was going to get a good review but after that I'm sure I'm in" David "Lesley you're a singer, Craig you're a mover, Richard your wrong" Debra – Cry me a river – Richard "Did you say that was beautiful Patrick?" He replies "I thought so" Richard "for once I agree with you" "That was quite beautifully sung, there's a shiver going down my spine" "spotless" "blemish less" "on mothers day for your little ones, I guess they'll be pretty proud" Lesley "that's exactly what I meant the other day when I said you needed to challenge yourself emotionally" "fabulous" Craig "the simplicity was what made that work for you" "I was hooked, line and sinker" Adrian – Your just too good to be true – Lesley "That's last time I asked you to sing Mozart" "your diction was good, I'm speechless" Craig "The beginning of the song was out of tune, I didn't know where you were going to go with it, what saved it was that middle section" "you moved brilliantly" Richard "that was great, brilliant, marvelous, superb" Dawn – Close to you – Lesley "You do have a beautiful voice and tone but that song didn't suit you" "you pulled away from the top notes a little bit" Carrie "actually Lesley is right" Craig "absolutely nothing worked in that for me tonight" "It sounded like you couldn't sing and you can sing that's the strange thing" Richard "I'm sort of baffled, I think she came on and struck the notes and carried it off all the way through" Kim – Fever – Craig "You so did that in your own way, I'm so pleased you pulled back on the whole thing because you drew us completely in, I was imagining you writhing around on satin sheets, it was fantastic, really great, Sexy" Lesley "so contained, how far you've come since the supremes a week ago" Richard "That was top class, very good indeed" "your acting experience came over, that was terrific" Then it was up to the balcony where Cat was joined by EaseEnder's stars Lacey Turner, Steve McFadden, Cliff Parisi and Jill Halfpenny. Cat asks Lacey what she thought of the Kim's performance and if she felt she had smouldered, Lacey relies "yeah she was brilliant" Cat asks Steve if he agrees with the judges this evening, to which he replied "pretty much, but Kim just sounds great, looks great and she is great" Cat asks if he would ever do something like that, he replies no. Finally she asks Jill who she thinks might win to which she replies "obviously I want Kim to win" asked if she liked anyone else, she says "I thought Debra was also very good but we're here for Kim" Cat then turn's to Jill and mentions her being on the receiving end of Craig before which is met by lots of laughter throughout the audience. Jill says "I've completely agreed with him about Kim. She was fantastic" Back to the stage and Reggie – Just the way you are – Richard "Pancake day that was as flat as a pancake" "I've really enjoyed the rap and reggae but for a ballad it didn't work for you" Lesley takes over "were you born that negative or have you had to work at it" "it takes year and years to train a voice" "they are improving ever single day" tells Richard to "Sod Off" David "he did really well, there are over 120 notes in that song and I counted about 20" "over 90% of the song in tune" "Lesley is right" Richard "120 notes, if pound notes were notes, I'm afraid Reggie you wouldn't have a fiver" Then Lesley puts her fluffy shoulder wrap over Richards head. Craig "I think you approached the song in the beginning in the wrong way" "your brave for attempting" Gina – My baby just cares for me – Craig "I don't think any amount work was gonna save that" "the voice is just too small" Gina suggests she should have sung in a Nigerian accent. Lesley "That was my favorite vocal performance form you" "it's a shame your loosing your voice" "I loved the rap last night" Carrie "This is an Academy, she is progressing, Lesley is right" "it's a shame that Craig is so negative" Craig replies "I'm only being honest, your biased because you teach her" Richard "I thought good, the first sixty seconds were very good" That was it and an unexpected twist was in store during the student vote in the result show. The Results 9.00pm – BBC One In the first and only hour long result show of the series an unexpected twist awaited the three students with the least votes. Welcome back to Swing night at the Academy. Thirteen started the series and tonight just seven will remain. £1.50 which is ten calls can immunize a child for the five killer diseases. It was now time for the group performances boys vs. girls. First up were the girls singing "Every time we say Goodbye" The judges then gave comments. Lesley "It's a wonderful idea this singing together and it really helps your singing voices" Craig "It must be really difficult having to learn staging and you pulled it off" Richard "Edith Bowman stood out, she lifted the song from the beginning, the ladies have done great". Reggie's mom had a quick on screen word with Cat and then it was time for the gents with "Beyond the sea" Craig "I loved it, true spirit of swing, great harmonies" Lesley "true spirit of swing and true spirit of Comic Relief" "wonderful" Carrie "this started at ten past eight this morning and for these guys to manage this in just half an hour is amazing" David "The girls just had half an hour too and have done brilliantly. Also Kevin contributed massively to them both" Richard "Well to sum it up everyone here and at home enjoyed it" "on balance the boys were better" Lesley "I think because they attempted a different harmony, the boys" Craig "the boys defiantly" Then Cat handed the show over to Claudia who was on expelled student Chris' bed smelling his pillow. A half term report was then shown recapping Academy life from Wednesday night to Saturday night. Just before the result a few question to the students followed by a short film of ex Fame Academy student Fearne Cotton's Comic Relief trip to Kenya earlier this year. Then the moment of truth had arrived. The five students saved by the public were: Adrian, Nick, Kim, Edith and Dawn. Then the surprise was sprung, the bottom three Debra, Reggie and Gina were going to have to sing live again for the judges to decide who they would choose to save. Debra sang even better than earlier, Reggie was pretty much the same while Gina put in a charming effort. So on to the judge's vote: Craig "This is by no way personal, Debra" Lesley "She has a fantastic voice - Debra" Richard "My vote goes to the singer not the joker or the presenter – Debra". Debra then joined the others for the student vote to decide between Reggie and Gina. Before the vote Cat asked Reggie if there was anything he wanted to say to the voting students, he said "This isn't a tough choice, we're here to raise money, were just vessels if I go I go, if I stay I stay, Its fine" Gina said "we've came here we've raised a lot of money, made some mates and I'm just honoured to be here" The student vote went as follows: Adrian – Gina, Nick – Reggie, Kim – Reggie, Edith – Reggie, Debra – Reggie & finally Dawn – Reggie. With four votes to two remaining in the Academy was Reggie Yates. Time was running out so there wasn't time for Cat to chat to Gina. Lemar will be on tomorrow nights show.moreless
  • Saturday Chris Expelled
    Saturday 5th March – 6.45pm BBC One Live for the fifth evening show Cat and Pat ushered though nine performances from the celebrity students. With the good news being that nearly £250,000 has already been raised by the phone and text votes so far. So first up it was Dawn – Brass in Pocket – Richard "That was nearly very good" "I did enjoy it" "Chrissie Hyne moves" "get the confidence thoughts out of your mind" Lesley "The one thing I'm learning here is how much training matters" "a gap has now opened up between those who respond to the training and those who are still searching for their voices" "You are very much in the first category" "that was a complete departure, it's fabulous, you look amazing" Craig "I felt on edge through the whole thing" "you have a fantastic voice, I prefer the country style" "I agree with Lesley, the best look you've had" Nick – Ain't no Sunshine – Richard "I know your not gonna like what I have to say, I like that song, it's one of the best songs of its time. Your growling all the way through, it suits a gentleman, I was hoping for a greater singing style from you after your comments last night" Carrie "I don't think Nick was going to get a good review from the judges tonight, There is a money moment in each song and you missed yours. The rest of the song you did use a different tone tonight which shows your making progress, thank you for that" Craig "I liked that we saw more of you tonight, the real Nick" "obviously the singing was really bad" Lesley "Nick started singing just two weeks ago" "that song needs a sweeter sound" "well done for trying" Adrian – Ever fallen in Love – Ade says "There could have been a lack of dignity there" (explained by his bare feet and painted toenails) when Paddy joins him on stage for the judges comments. Craig "Congratulations to Kevin on the bold and dangerous staging" "the voice wasn't great tonight" Lesley "remarkably consistent with voice, usually overlooked" "best tune" "another decade" Richard "writhing around in magnificent style reminding me of Ruby Wax two years ago" "the voice is shot, the ring pull cans and being the last man standing every night isn't doing you any good" "if your not going to go to bed it is going to effect your performance" Up on the audience balcony Cat has a quick word with Jennifer Saunders wife of Ade Edmondson. Cat "Did the judges get it right?" Jennifer "I don't really listen to them" Cat "Why do you not agree with their opinions?" Jennifer "I think their doing their job" Cat "Has he improved?" Jenn starts to giggle "Yes, I've enjoyed all his performances" Cat "Any annoying habits that you're not missing?" Jennifer "Well the snoring, but he says that I'm the snorer so now I have proof" Back to the stage, Gina – I Try – Lesley "You light up the stage, wonderful performer" "you don't have good voice and tone" Carrie "I don't know if you've heard Macy Gray but Gina sounded like Macy, that's a massive improvement, you pulled it off vocally on the stage tonight" Richard "I agree with Carrie, she's a wacky lady" Macy Gray doesn't sing that well and neither do yes" "You have improved since Saturday" Chris – Fly Away – Craig "few dodgy notes" "altogether great, I loved it" Lesley "energy, staging of it and voice together, wonderful" "when you get excited the voice gets brittle" David "It does get brittle, that's called rock singing" Richard "I'm surprised, that was unconvincing" "it didn't come off for you" "that passed me by" Kim – How do I live – Lesley "I thought you were brilliant tonight" "great technique" "wonderful singing" Craig "That song is full of epic ideas, you did brilliant" Richard "Brilliant is an exaggeration" "I don't think its as good as a couple of years ago when you performed Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas is You at the EastEnders Christmas Party" Patrick then says she was great and raises his microphone like you would a glass suggesting that as it was a Christmas party maybe Richard had been drinking. Richard hits back "Patrick you always think their great, we've had this conversation before, your views are null and void as your sycophantically stroking them all" Patrick replied "That's why I always say it and then I guess the voting public are always wrong too" When the camera changes shot to Cat at the far side of the stage Richard Park is clearly seen mouthing an expletive and making an unsuitable hand gesture toward Patrick. Next up it was Edith. Before she sings she tells Cat about a new game they all have been playing where they replace one word from the title of a film or TV show with a rude word word, its hours of fun!" Edith – Enough is Enough – Craig "that's the most boring performance you've given to date" Edith asks why. Craig "There was no energy in your body, you were just step touching, there was no focus" Edith responds "I think you'll find its actually a duet I was doing the parts of two people" Craig "I've seen better before" Richard "Edith is right, this was originally by Donna Summer & Barbra Streisand, I think you brought that off, I have to tell you in the different variety of songs you've done you are as cool as a row of cucumbers babe, it's hot" "She is the first Radio 1 DJ who could actually sing the songs" Lesley "I was very impressed, you're a very clever kid" "the top note, you risked that, I'm in awe" Reggie – You can get it if you really want – Richard "I don't know what's gone wrong with me Reggie but I enjoyed that, I was waiting and waiting for you to go down in the depths but you didn't" Craig "I enjoyed that, the best you've sung" Lesley "Rome wasn't built in a day" "try, try and try, try and try" "tuning problems" "I'm so pleased" Debra – If there's any Justice – Lesley "Your consistent" "look fab" "sound lovely" "I thought you bottled out on the big note" "that's wonderful" Richard "It didn't come off, sounded like a choir girl" Craig "That's wrong, David and Carrie have turned your voice around since the first night when you sung like a six year old girl" The song that Debra had just sung was by ex Fame Academy student Lemar who will be on the show on Monday to sing with the students. The full recap of all nine performances was then shown with the numbers on screen to phone and text. That was it for now, just eight will remain tonight but who's gonna go? Gina, Edith, Nick who knows? In the result show there will be two very special performances from the students. The show ended with a reminder why voting is so important. A short film featuring Ewan McGregor, Julie Walters, Robbie Williams, Stephen Tompkinson, Lenny Henry and Dawn French was broadcast showing how Comic Relief can help people of all ages. The Results 8.45pm – BBC One Earlier in the day the students had been split into two groups David and Carrie then worked on them to produce the performances of Black Eyed Peas Where is the Love and Aretha Franklin & George Michaels I knew you were waiting. First up was David's four piece ensemble of Reggie, Gina, Dawn and Edith. Up next were Carries troupe of Debra, Kim, Nick, Chris and Ade. Comments from the judges followed: Richard "The Were is the love absolutely brilliant" "especially Reggie and Gina" Craig "Group two, singing cool" "good attitude was good for group one" Lesley "I think it's a testament to the love you have for each other, that was brilliant" "Gina you big red fire engine I want to hear you sing like that tomorrow" Richard "Congratulation to David and Carrie Grant and Kevin Adams for those performances" Then Claudia popped up with the latest from Academy life featuring the students toasting Jon following his expulsion the night before, Gina consoling herself with ice cream following being saved by the judges and not the public vote and Ade's new song "in-Fame-ia" about being trapped in the Academy raising money for Comic Relief. The results of the public vote, students saved: Nick, Kim, Adrian, Debra, Reggie and Edith. That left Dawn, Gina & Chris to the judges vote. Craig – "for natural talent and ability – Dawn" Lesley "singing so well, looking so good – Dawn" Richard "voting the same – Dawn" So Dawn joined the others for the student vote to decide between Gina and Chris. Nick – Chris, Kim – Gina, Adrian – Gina, Debra – Chris, Reggie – Gina, Edith – Gina & finally Dawn – Gina. With five votes to two and staying at the Academy it's Gina Yashere. Chris Colquhoun was heading home but just before leaving the stage told Cat he was a little disappointed but that his fellow students were all superb. When asked who was gonna win he um'ed and aw'ed before finally backing Gina to Cats relief. Sunday nights show will be a theme show. Swing night at the Academy.moreless
  • Friday Jon Expelled
    Friday 4th March – 9.00pm BBC One The forth live show from the Fame Academy saw all ten celebrity students singing for survival. Once the introductions of the judges and Mr and Mrs Grant were out of the way it was down to business with the first student to take to the stage being Debra – Get here – Craig "the best you've sung" "completely connected 100%" Lesley "you sing beautifully" "lyrical, sweet" "you should try to challenge yourself vocally more and get out of your safety zone" Richard "good solid start to this evenings show" "better than you've done" "you are in with a chance" Reggie – Can't touch this – Craig "Absolutely fantastic" "at your best when your not singing" Lesley "It's what your best at but don't give up on your lyrical singing" Richard "I'm impressed" "You've turned it around" It suits you" Kim – Don't speak – Richard "I was hoping for a good performance" "you didn't bring off the rock chick vibe" Lesley "I was thinking about you in bed last night, after last night you remind me of Olivia Newton John as Sandy in Grease the way she changes through the movie" Craig "I don't agree, you were trying too hard" "wasn't honest performance" David "to the guys on the end (Craig and Richard) you are conmen, every night you tell them to try something new and every time they do you both slap them down" Nick vents his thoughts on the judging panel while speaking to Cat before his performance, to Richard he says "I think your tone deaf and need to review your own performance" "I think Craig Tango Foxtrot is on the wrong show and he should go back to where he came from" "I only want to hear what Lesley, Carrie and David have to say as they are singers" "I won't be put off by a couple of pantomime dames" Then it was time for him to sing for them. Nick – Kiss – Craig "Everything you've done up to date has been the same, you have not grown one moment" "you have gotten over your nerves but that's all" "top register was out of tune" Lesley "I can't say you haven't improved, your so much better than last Saturday" "Your voice worried me as it was the most damaged voice coming in" Carrie "lots of cigarettes" "It's improved massively and I'm sorry you guys can't hear that" Richard "He speak sings" "This critique is all for Comic Relief" Then Nick says that he understands but he dislikes the "cheap shots you take at the girls" Richard "no cheap shots" "honest, fair critique given" "we will discuss this afterwards" "A cheap shot would be for example me saying if you were chocolate you'd eat yourself" After all that it was on to Dawn – I don't want to talk about it" – Richard "I find myself in a slightly difficult place, Nick has described me as some kind of misogynist" "I think tonight she sung the best ballad" "contained" "inside yourself" "lovely person" Lesley "absorbed the song" "controlled way" "strange choice" "beautiful" Chris – This Love – Craig "more comfortable moving about" "voice improves with movement" Lesley "So much better than last two performances, this went back to Hey ya" Richard "marionette – ish" "singing didn't rise to the occasion" "pub singer" Chris then hits back at Richards comments "I'm not listening to a man who has to go home and watch it on telly and come back with different views" Richard answers "I'm not quite sure what you mean but if viewers disagree calls cost 25p so why doesn't everyone who disagrees with me vote in" Jon – God put a smile on your face – Lesley "growing in confidence" "such a joy" "a way to go, pronunciation needs work" Craig "didn't do you any favors" "you did look far more confident in the space" Jon retorts in a Dale Winton vocal impression "Well bless your heart you little Dale Winton of the dark side" Richard "I know realize you sing the same style all the time" "There was something in that I did find endearing" Gina – Celebration – Craig "you give me enormous amounts of pleasure" "the singing has improved slightly" "I love watching you" Lesley "I think all the shouting was damaging your voice" "this was much better" Adrian – Born to be wild – "didn't enjoy last night but that was damn good" Lesley "that was amazing" "I love your performance" Craig "Your performances belong in an asylum, I love them" Edith – Sing it back – Richard "voice croaked but that did not diminish the most accomplished performance of the ladies tonight" Lesley "I would urge you all to not part tonight, look after your voices" The seven with the most votes will be saved by the public so your urged to pick up the phone and keep texting to save your favorite and raise money for Comic Relief. The Results 10.35pm – BBC One Cat and Pat greet viewers "Tonight these ten celebrities sung for your vote. It's Friday night, the weekend starts right here. The main reason why we get the students down here is so Claudia Winkleman can route around in their smalls" The past twenty four hours are then recapped including Gina Yashere demand for her ice cream, Friday morning they woke to a snowy day and a grueling workout with Kevin who taught them the routine he made for the Spice girls. Back in the live studio the results are nearly in. Before they are revealed Paddy asks Debra what she feels about challenging herself more. She says she is open to try but wouldn't want to go too far out of her comfort zone for fear of failure. A reminder of why they are all giving their time is shown via a clip of Robbie Williams from a trip he made for Comic Relief in 2001. The results of the public vote: Chris, Kim, Nick, Dawn, Adrian, Debra and Edith are all through. But it's not over yet for Jon, Gina & Reggie. Now it was up to the judges: Craig – Gina "because she's the best performer", Lesley – Jon "for vocal improvement" Richard – Gina. With two votes Gina joined to others to decide Reggie and Jon's fates. Before the vote Cat asked if Reggie had anything he wanted to say to the voting students. He replied "We've both been here before, its about raising money" Jon answered the same question with "We've had a great run, do whatever you have to do" The student vote went as follows: Chris – Reggie, Kim – Reggie, Nick – Reggie, Dawn – Reggie, Adrian – Reggie, Debra – Jon, Edith – Reggie and Gina – Jon. With six votes to two, keeping his place in the academy was Top of the Pops co host Reggie Yates. Deadringer's impressionist Jon Culshaw was going home. Speaking to Cat before leaving the stage he said "It's been a fantastic run". When asked by Cat who he thought was gonna win he said "Edith's a bit of a rock star" With only a week to Red Nose Day there is still plenty of entertainment to come.moreless
  • Thursday Konnie Expelled
    Thursday 3rd March – 8.00pm BBC One The third live show came on screen with everyone set to sing once again knowing that millions at home were glued to the show and that sadly one would be leaving again later. First up was Nick – With a little help from my friends – Richard "shouted" "mimicking Joe Cocker" "belting it out" "gravel voice" "That's okay" Carrie "voice is gravely" "disciplining himself" Craig "better than last couple of attempts" Lesley "tuning improved" "passion" "voice is window to soul, your soul is ok but you need to clean the windows" Konnie – Kids from America – Lesley "frustrating for teachers" "top notes are your best notes" "range needs serious work" "tuning aughful" Craig "crucified the song" "out of tune" "confidence was fantastic, way confident" Richard "How can somebody so lovely sing so badly?" Konnie then says "Today I was working on confidence, tomorrow if I get in I'll work on the tuning" Richard "depths of despair" Edith – Natural Woman – Craig "would have liked more passion" "fantastic" "adore your voice" Lesley "you so understand the sound you need to make" "brilliant" Richard "slow start" "very very good" Reggie – It ain't over – Richard "I tried to like that" "aughful" "out of tune" "I know your trying but you haven't got a voice" David "developmental" "better performance tonight" Craig "uninteresting, dull" Jon – From Russia with love – Lesley takes issue with Richard about saying Reggie can't sing. Lesley about Jon "you have so improved" "out of your nose" Richard "sorry, shaken, wasn't stirred" Craig "colourless" "static" Jon then comments "I'm very surprised the two of you (Richard & Craig) heard anything from so far up your own bottoms!" Richard tries to reply but Patrick does not allow him to. Gina – Vertigo – Craig "energy amazing" "rough" Lesley "most committed performer" "shouting needs to be in tune" "diaphragm needs freeing" Kim – Jump – Richard "last night effected your performance" "you gave nothing" "why the nerves tonight?" "I'm gonna have to personally tuck you into bed by 11pm tonight" Craig "more attack physically" "I am starting to like the sound of your voice" Kim replies "Oh Craig, that means so much to me!" Lesley "vocally most accomplished" "voice has interesting colours" Then Cat has a quick onscreen chat with Coronation Streets Wendi Peters, who she calls Wendy Phillips. She proceeds to ask has Debra been doing the "square" proud? The square is EastEnders, the street is Corrie. Dawn – Ironic – "sung pretty well" "worked for you" Lesley "Kim most accomplished, Dawn has the natural gift" "fantastic" Craig "really great performace" "folkiness" Chris – Lovely Day – Richard "I had a monitor installed here at my feet so I could tell if you really hit the notes" "during the long notes you were out of tune" Lesley "last night, stiff & wooden" "tonight loved the performance" Debra – Thinking of you – Craig "mediocre" "for the strut you need to learn to walk in those shoes" Craig then speaks up toward the balcony and says "You need to work harder Mr. Kevin" Kevin Adams then shouts back "What do you know, you pillock. Seriously" Craig "you look fantastic, your face is worth a fortune" Lesley "showed off your voice perfectly" Adrian – Turning Japanese – Richard "I remember a Danish wedding I once attended where everyone got up and sang" "punk in the 80s" "rubbish" David "one of the performances of the evening". That was then it all had performed their songs, the full recap with the phone numbers was shown and the results will follow at 9.30pm. The Results - 9.30pm BBC One Back at the Academy the results were in. The order they were saved in was: Dawn, Edith, Reggie, Debra, Jon, Nick, Adrian and Kim. That meant it wasn't over yet for Konnie, Gina and Chris. In the judges vote Craig – Gina, Lesley – Chris. Richard voted for Gina saving her from the student vote. Konnie and Chris' futures were then in the hands of their fellow celebs. Dawn – Chris, Edith – Chris, Reggie – Chris, Debra – Chris, Jon – Chris, Gina – Chris, Nick – Konnie, Adrian – Konnie & Kim voted for Konnie. With six votes to three and returning to the Academy it was Chris. Konnie was heading home but she urged Blue Peter viewers to keep voting, but to ask permission first.moreless
  • Wednesday Jenny Expelled
    Wednesday 2nd March BBC One 8.00pm The second live show began with Patrick showing viewers the luggage the celebrity's would be taking in with them once they got through the student vote later in this show. Guest Judge Lenny Henry was given a massive welcome from the studio audience. Straight away it was down to the performances, and first up Cat introduced: Adrian – A little less conversation – Richard "style of the 80s" "movement of the 60's" "bed in the Academy for you" Lesley – "intelligent performance" "urge him to concentrate on lower part of his voice" Lenny – "sensational" "exciting" "difficult to start, difficult to hear in the studio – Excellent" Edith – Shout – Craig – "focused" "natural" Richard "one of Scotlands hidden musical talents" "Lulu will be pleased" "can't wait to see you do a ballad" Lenny "difficult to sing live" "excellent" Debra – One day I'll fly away – Craig "suits her vocal tone" "simplicity" "scatting ruined it" Lesley "agreed with Craig on this one" Carrie "disciplined" "riffing saved, tasty morsels" "pop performance" "maybe you don't know too much about pop!" Chris – Wherever I lay my hat – Richard "enjoyed it" "mesmerised" "hit all the notes" "a bunk in the Academy for him" Lenny "astounding" "confidence" "not dressed like a children's presenter tonight" Lesley "pleased your taking it more seriously" "well done, big improvement" Lenny "fantastic, congratulations" Jon – I guess that's why they call it the blues – Richard "Elton John will not be happy" "adenoids" (Lenny keeps making muffled sounds into microphone) Carrie "huge journey to make" "since Saturday huge giant steps have been made" Jenny – And all that Jazz – Craig "desperate attempt" "terrible performance" Lesley "hit nearly all the notes" Richard "sided with Richard" "didn't sing it well" Reggie – My first, my last, my everything – Lesley "wonderful performance" "great to hear him sing this time" Richard "Vocally chronic" "sardine of soul" Craig "all the same moves as Saturday nights show" Reggie then butted in "You're wearing too much St Tropez" Kim – Something – Craig "please don't ever sing another Supremes song" "that was amazing" Richard "rich creamy voice" Lenny "passion" Konnie – Whole Again – Richard "extremely poor" Konnie then says that since nobody likes Richard so this might help her. Lesley "shooting bambi" "get on with it, you're wasting your opportunity" "you can do it" Nick – Baby One more time – Craig "liked choice of song" "liked choice of skirt" "could have gone further choreography wise" Lesley "loved the sporran action" "lay off the cigarettes and the whiskey or your voice wouldn't hold up" Richard "not good enough" "the closest to Britney you'll be getting is if you swim there" Dawn – Torn – Lenny "I like your composure, act for the camera" Richard "Average effort" Lesley "beautiful voice" "of all the students you have the most natural instrument" That was it the lines were open and Cat and Pat told viewers they would be back at 10.40pm tonight. The Results – 10.45pm BBC One The phone lines were still open but the text lines had closed. After a full recap of all songs was played and then Cat announced that the lines were now closed. The first to be saved was Dawn followed by Gina, Debra, Kim, Jon, Edith, Nick, Adrian and the final to be saved by the viewers was Konnie. This left Chris, Jenny and Reggie to be chosen from by the judges. Craig selected Chris as did Lenny and Lesley. Richard Park said Jenny. With three votes to one and joining the lucky nine: Chris. Then the student voted Dawn – Reggie, Gina – Jenny, Debra – Jenny, Kim – Reggie, Jon – Reggie, Nick – Reggie, Edith – Jenny, Adrian – Jenny, Konnie – Reggie and Chris – Reggie. With six voted to four and going into the Academy it was Reggie Yates. Cat came on stage to bid Jenny farewell but she stayed put. The numbers were then recapped and that was the end of the second live show.moreless
  • Saturday Live Launch Al Expelled
    BBC One 6.15pm – 7.35pm

    The show launched live from the new Academy at Tower Bridge with Pat & Cat striding into an electrically charged studio where an audience of supporters and fans were ready for some singing from the familiar circle of fear stage. On the viewers right hand side Strictly Come Dancing judge Craig Revel-Horwood joined Operatic diva Lesley Garrett and head teacher Richard Park on the judging panel which will be in place for every show of this series, guest judges will join on certain nights. While placed on the viewers left were vocal coaches Carrie and David Grant, relegated from the judging positions they held during the 2003 series of this talent show to mere tutors. Personal tutor Jeremy Milnes and fitness coach and choreographer Kevin Adams were up on the back balcony watching the show as audience members. The thirteen celebrities were then introduced on stage and took their place on the left of the performance area behind the Grants. First up to sing was: Kim Medcalf – You can't hurry love – Richard "got potential" Lesley "wasn't disappointed" "interesting colours" Craig "confident performance" "do not like the sound of your voice" "voice= whingy, whiney" Nick Knowles – You've lost that loving feeling – Richard "not in tune for first 10 seconds" "he did it well" "it was good" Lesley took her glasses off to him "perfect, tender, passionate" "little of out of tune at beginning" "gravely" Carrie "out of tune at beginning" Carrie then hits back at "The Orange man" (Craig) about Kim's voice. Edith Bowwan – Hanging on the telephone – Richard "amazed him" "impressed him" Craig "great attitude" "hated her dance break" Lesley "nailed it vocally" "socked it to them" Jon Culshaw – Feel – Lesley "tough song" "brave" "wants him to change the sound from his nose" Richard "dull, tuneless, lifeless" Jon retorted in Richards voice "Dull , tuneless, lifeless, like every review you've ever given, Mr Spook" Richard "freestyle was good at end" Craig "agreed with Richard" "plodding across the stage" Jon answers back again in Simon Cowell's voice "Mr Orange man, Your not Simon Cowell" to which Craig replied "I don't want to be" Gina Yashere – Crazy in Love – Richard "beyond Beyonce" "she gave 100%" Craig "fantastic" "took the stage" "you cannot sing" Lesley "singing is overrated" "she was fantastic" Adrian Edmondson – Tainted Love – Lesley "really interesting" "acting performance rather than singing performance" "interesting to see him sing a ballad, more simple song" Ade replied "I might not have to. Lesley "I love what you do" Richard "new romantics influence – Marc Almond" "very good" Craig "bold choice in staging" "liked the voice" "moved in tune" Carrie "fantastic voice – how a pop voice sounds" Konnie Huq – Genie in a Bottle – Lesley "who would have thought a Blue Peter presenter could look so sexy" "looking fab" "you nearly inhabited it" "it could have been a bit better" "wants to see more" "Richard "didn't sing it very well at all" "lack of confidence, shyness" "work to do" David "Konnie had one hours rehearsal, give her a chance" Chris Colquhoun – Hey ya – Craig "really loved it" "great" "falsetto/range needs work" Lesley "performance of the evening" "loved his tonal range most" "strong technique, good body" Richard "extraordinary well" "nothing more to add" Jenny Éclair – If my friends could see me now" Craig "brave effort" "lost the track" "speechless" Lesley "wouldn't give up the day job just yet" Jenny replied "I haven't got one, what will I do?" Lesley continues "I couldn't have kept with that track" "big performance" "fab articulation" Richard "truly dreadful" "audience enjoyed it" "for comic relief high marks" "vocally poor" Reggie Yates – Mr Boombastic – Richard "didn't work at all, decent effort, didn't happen" Reggie answered back "get the cobwebs out of your eyes" Craig "really liked it" "pulled it off" "want to hear more vocal" David to Richard "Elvis is dead, it worked for me" Dawn Steele – Leave right now – Lesley "difficult song, did really well" "unbelievable standard tonight, hard to criticize" "voice has air in the tone" "lot of potential" Richard "Will Young song, sung very well" "we'll hear more of you" Craig "innocent, beautiful haunting sound" Al Murray – Stuck in the middle with you – Richard "a bit Seaside Special, mike movements" "I know the songwriter and he will not be thrilled" "not too bad" "middle lower marking of tonight's performances" Craig "aquard, cheesy" Al said "I wanted it like that, I hit my mark" Lesley "monotonous" "you had fun, enjoyed it" Debra Stephenson – Young hearts run free – Richard "hard to go last, very good performance" "you can do better than that, looking forward to hearing you in next shows" Craig "great performance" "voice does not match your body" "you sing like a six year old girl" "helium" Carrie "for this disco song, like Tina Maria, voice perfect for song" Lesley "sang well" "more in there" "with work it could improve"

    A quick re-cap was then played with the phone and text numbers for each singer. Cat and Pat then closed the show and asked viewers to come back for the results at 9.00pm.

    The Results – BBC One 9.00pm

    The show began with the performances being recapped with the numbers for phone and text, the last chance to vote had then came and gone. Cat announced that over £33,000 had been raised since they came on air earlier that evening. The moment of truth had then arrived, as all thirteen potential students were stood side by side around the back of the circle of fear. Patrick announced in no particular order the ten students they had received the most votes and were through to Wednesday's show. Debra, Dawn, Reggie, Konnie, Adrian, Gina, Edith, Chris, Nick and Kim were all saved. But it wasn't over yet for Jon, Jenny and Al. The judges then voted, Craig choose Al, Lesley went for Jenny and Richard Park also selected Jenny. She then joined the others to take part in the student vote. Before they voted, Cat asked Jon if he had anything to say to the voting celebs. He said "I'd like another go, easier songs to come, you're all lovely and I want to a bit more time with ya" Al asked the same question by Cat answered "I was going to sing a Rolf Harris song next, I was looking forward to it" The students then voted: Debra – Jon, Dawn – Jon, Reggie – Al, Konnie – Jon, Adrian – Al, Gina – Al, Edith – Jon, Chris – Al, Nick – Jon, Kim – Jon and Jenny who said she should have been going home on the night bus voted for – Al. With six votes to five and keeping his place it was Jon Culshaw. Al then was given his marching orders and the show concluded with the phone numbers being read out without being shown on screen. The students were being shown live in the studio unaware that they were still being broadcast to millions at home.moreless