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Comic Relief is the BBCs biennial fund raising event, which raises millions for the charity of the same name. The charity supports people suffering both in the UK and the third world.
Comic Relief began on Christmas Day 1985 with a fund raising event on the BBC's Late, Late Breakfast Show hosted by Noel Edmonds. More live events followed until finally Comic Relief was allowed to take over the BBCs main channel on February 5th 1988 for the first of the 'Red Nose Day' variety shows. The result has been a phenomenal success, gaining national cult status and taking over the normal life of millions of people who pull out all the stops to do something seriously daft for charity and put their hands in their pockets for a good cause. The most common thing to see in the UK, in the run up to Red Nose day, is theRed Nose itself which has taken on many different forms over the past 20 years.
The effect of Comic Relief's variety show cannot be understated, raising the total raised from £15 million in 1985 to £337 million in 2003 and all of it goes to charity.
Each 6-hour show is an amalgamation of hundreds of TV Celebrities, Comedians and Musicians work, as they all pull together to partly amuse the British public, but most importantly make sure we know exactly why they're doing it. Regular film inserts are featured demonstrating the poor life people suffer and what we, the viewers can do about it. Celebrities like Lenny Henry, Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Billy Connelly, Victoria Wood and Davina McCall deliberately subject themselves to poverty and famine in Ethiopia and other third world countries to create devastatingly real and poignant accounts of what the more unfortunate people around the world have to put up with every day of their lives.
This isn't just a show, it's a national institution and without it, there would be a lot more people a lot worse off around the world today.


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    • I look forward to it every 2 years

      Comic Relief is a British charity organization that was founded in 1985 by the comedy scriptwriter Richard Curtis in response to famine in Ethiopia. It now raises money for countries in Africa and for disadvantaged people in the UK. It was launched live on Noel Edmonds's Late, Late Breakfast Show on BBC1, on Christmas Day 1985 from a refugee camp in Sudan. The idea for Comic Relief came from the noted charity worker Jane Tewson, then head of a British NGO Charity Projects and was inspired by the success of the first four Secret Policeman's Ball comedy benefit shows for Amnesty International (1976-1981). Initially funds were raised from live events, the most notable being a comedy revue at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London which was subsequently broadcast on television on 25 April 1986.

      One of the fundamental principles behind working at Comic Relief is the 'Golden Pound Principle' where every single donated pound is spent on charitable projects. All operating costs, such as staff salaries, are covered by corporate sponsors or interest which is earned while money raised is waiting to be spent (granted) to charitable projects.

      Currently, its two main supporters are the BBC and Sainsbury's. The BBC is responsible for the live television extravaganza on Red Nose Day and Sainsbury's sells merchandise on behalf of the charitymoreless
    • Once again they all pulled it off just for charity

      To be honset I did enjoy comic relief 05 more, but I can't complain becuase all I brought was one red nose this year. The big highlights of this year was an excellent reutrn from mr bean! It did not dissapoint at all, it was a great way to start the night. The last ever Vicar of Dibly, like I said I found the 05 one better, the reason I say that was becuase it was really only about the vicar, not the others ,but it still made me chuckle. Ricky Gervais had a brillent sketch, but I sure felt stupied when it was a fake, becuase from the previews I actually got upset as it seemed real. Ant and Dec done a nice emotinal piece for awarness, which worked really well. The Apprentice was great, like always. Justin and Alan were great, but wished they had more air time. Borat was there and funny, and the only one willing to speak about what happened to Jade Goody? The presenter were all pretty good, Lenny Henry seemed a lot funnier tonight. However I was dissapointed with Little Britain as it was exactly the same sketches, but with just celebs. Also Mittchel and Webb, it would of been better if numberwang wasn't scripted. And peter kay and matt lucas 500 miles was no where near as rememberal as the 05 song. But I can't complain they were all doing it for free, for a great cause, like they said it's not a night for comedy, it for helping other. But I can't forget the best thing of the evening, Nan on Deal or no Deal, easily the funnist thing I have seen all year or even the funnist thing ever on comic relief ever! Comic relief sure does make a difference, and really we shouldn't need to get anything in return for giving money to help others, the thought of knowing you saved someones life is the best reward. Can't wait for comic relief 09!!! Good luck Richard!moreless
    • A funny show thaat lasts for hours... I never miss it.. a true classic

      This really is a Classic!!! and an English show!!!! it really is good.... it's just a shame it's only on in the UK but also cool that is including British shows.

      This helps raise money for Charities in England and thrid world countries. but it doesn't just show you how tough live is out there but also how much you money can or already has helped.

      Sadly it's only on every 2 years and started in 1985 so the last one that toke place was the 10th!!moreless

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