Comic Relief

Season 7 Episode 8

RND 2007 - The Big One

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 16, 2007 on BBC

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  • By Midnight Comic Relief had raised £34,269,843.00

    Yes this year Comic Relief was brilliant...
    It started off with Girls Aloud and the Sugarbabes singing the Comic Releif theme song and just got better.
    The Mr Bean sketch was hysterical...then we had David Tennant as a English teacher trying to teach Catherine Tate...which was really good. In between all of the acts you get clips of all those poor children in Darfur and Africa..the conditions they live in day after day are just squalid, It makes you cry and it made me feel so guilty eating my dinner....infact if just couldnt eat it at all.
    But the whole aim is to get us to feel like that so we will help and give money, if we dont who will.?
    As the show progressed..there were more great sketches..there was the very last ever Vicar of Dibley with Sting..doing a wife swop..another Catherine Tate with Tony Blair and i must say it was very very good, and Catherine Tate with Daniel Craig..which was also funny....
    Little Britain had loads of sketches all brilliant..then while the news was on it switched to BBC2 for Top Gear of the Pops which was unusual and good.
    Then the great Ricky Jervais did his thing with Jamie Oliver, Bob Geldoff, Andi Peters and Steven Merchant..another great sketch, and another Catherine Tate...doing Deal or No Deal with Noel Edmonds...(she plays her granny).
    I nearly forgot, Borat did a sketch which was delightful.
    The show had quite a few hosts but my favourites are Jonathon Ross and Graham Norton who came on at you know its getting naughty. so another great year