Comic Relief

Season 7 Episode 8

RND 2007 - The Big One

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 16, 2007 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • Watch out for: During the AardmanAnimation made Wellard sketch, Wellard is seen in kennels. In the kennel next to Wellard is Gromit from Aardman Animation's signature animation seriesWallace and Gromit.

    • Goof: The suit made for Lenny Henry came with a device in the sleeve that shot fire balls into the air when Lenny activated it. However, the device failed to activate on cue. Lenny exposed the blunder with one of his trademark Joshua Yarlog catchphrases "I love live television, it is brilliant!"

    • Goof: Presenters heralded Ricky Gervais' appeal from Africa in the same serious tone as genuine appeals by other celebrities, seemingly unaware that it was going to be a satirical sketch.

    • Goof: The show over ran by 90 minutes.

  • Quotes

    • (Catherine Tate sketch)
      Tony Blair: Lauren?
      Lauren: Yeah?
      Tony: Am I bovered?
      Lauren: What?
      Tony Am I bovered though?
      Lauren: What d'you say?
      Tony: But I aint bovered.
      Lauren: You can't say that!
      Tony: Look at my face.
      Lauren: What you doin'?
      Tony: Is my face bovered?
      Lauren: Wait a minute!
      Tony: Does my face look bovered though?
      Lauren: Are you messing with my mind?
      Tony: Face, bovered? Top Shop, Centre Parks, trainers, small feet, Rich Tea, bandages, Ryan, Lis'? I ain't bovered!

    • (Ricky Gervais sketch)
      Daniel: (giving Ricky a U2 cassette) I keep it to remind me of my brother.
      Jamie Oliver Turkey twizler?

    • (Ricky Gervais sketch)
      Stephen: A lot of people are less fortunate than you are.
      Ricky: Most people are.

    • (Vicar of Dibley sketch)
      Alice Horton: (to Sting) I just wanna say something very serious. You are quite good looking and Geraldine is after all just a woman, but every little thing she does is magic and as far as I'm concerned she walks in fields of gold. So if I had to leave you a message in a bottle it would be; every move you make, every breath you take...(threateningly) I'll be watching you!

  • Notes

    • Donations:
      TK Maxx T-shirts - £2,000,136.
      Walkers WalkEars - £1,001,219.
      Sainsbury's - 7,008,242.
      Radio 1's Chris Moyles Ralyoke - £600,000
      Müller - £351,249
      Little Britain Live DVD - £750,000
      Andrex - £428,629.
      Kleenex - £76,334

    • Total progression:
      19:25 - £2,256,037
      20:20 - £7,430,542
      21:09 - £15,139,826
      21:54 - £26,820,554
      23:53 - £34.269,843
      01:35 - £38,157,240
      03:03 - £40,236,142

    • Axed sketch: In late 2006 the BBC had filmed a sketch to be shown during this event. The sketch, a spoof quiz show entitled 'A Question of Comedy', featured host Jack Dee and team captains Dara O'Brian and Frank Skinner. Amongst the guests was Jade Goody who later went on to appear in Celebrity Big Brother during which she became involved in an international scandal regarding racism. In light of the public stigmata involving Jade the BBC felt it unwise to include Jade in the show as it would detract from the point of event - to raise money.

    • Charity single: The official Comic Relief single for the 2007 appeal was a cover of Aerosmith's 'Walk This Way'. It was sung by a collaboration of girl bands Girls Aloud and Sugababes. Also released was a DVD single of Brian Potter and Andy Pipkin singing 500 Miles. Both singles reached the top of the singles charts following their respective release dates.

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