Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen

Weekdays 1:00 AM on Premiered Sep 25, 2006 In Season


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  • I found this fun show at 4 . so I tape it

    I love this program. My only criticisms are, it isn't long enough. And, all I ever hear is the techno-drum nonsense. I tape these programs since they air at 4 . and I have over 100 of them. I love going back over them from time to time. Make no mistake, I never miss one. I like to start my day with Byron and his group of funny people. I love to laugh and this starts me off on the right foot. Again, I wish it went longer. I love to watch how the comedians learn from each other and appreciate each other's humor. Byron is really great with his insight and comments. Did I say, I love this program. by Linda T. Haney, Facebook
  • equal time

    I do want to like the show but they only have one black person on each time and they dont get to say much. I would like to hear what they have to say, and im not pulling the race card but just watch and see everytime the show comes on. PLEASE LET THEM TELL THERE JOKES PLEASE
  • first time

    Just started watching the guys are funny.
  • little concerned.

    the show itself is great and refreshing. the few shows i have seen so far. but i do have a concern. and can not find a way to contact the studio designers. so i will try here. You have a beautiful shark tank. however. it has corners. and this is not good for the health of the sharks. Sharks should be in a racetrack or oval tank. anything without corners. if you love your fish as much as most of us do please address this issue.

    thanks for reading. and again the show itself is top of my night entertainment.
  • Ticks me off!

    It really ticks me off that there are so many commercial interruptions!! OMGOSH! this is fantastic programming. Its wonderful to see these comedians telling stories or jokes and not worrying about being politically correct. It is all in fun and if we can't learn to laugh at ourselves we have no right laughing at anyone else. Take the poles out people!! Thanks so very much for the laughs! I had a really bad day and decided to watch your show. I was sure glad I did! I went to bed with a big smile on my face and left the worries of the day behind. :)
  • makes my day

    I love, love the show. I wish it was at leas 90 minutes. Most comics are so funny that I want it to go on and on. This show is the best ending to a long day. Thank you
  • Laugh track sounds too fake

    please fix your "audience laugh track"! it is obnoxious, repetitive and too loud. (sounds fake) October 2014
  • The show makes me laugh. Perfect way to end the day.

    The only problem I have, it's not on long enough. Your just get into it, and it's over. Thanks for listening. I also have noticed that ther always seems to be one comedian, that does't have as much time talking. I don't care for that. Who knows, maybe their shy. Whatever the reason, I just would like to have it on at least a hour. By the way, 100 words is killing me. I'm going to have to share just a little more. I do appreciate laughing at the end of the day. I like the people from NY, and NJ, the most. I'm from the Jersey Shore, and the accents bring you right back home.