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  • This show looks over some of the new movies out. It also has bad jocks.

    This show looks over some of the new movies out. It also ha bad jocks. Any show can look over a movie. Then show the clip, this show has that. There is nothing different about this show.Most of the time you watch an eye bounce up and down, when ever it first comes and when it comes back.
  • The perfect lunchtime show for the movie fan.

    My favorite part of going to the movie theater is watching the coming attractions. This E! channel show is just that! 1/2 hour of movie previews. Sometimes the hosts of the show are annoying and they have a lot of stupid jokes, but the previews are a lot of fun to watch. This show usually comes on around lunch time and it is perfect to watch while eating a sandwich and having a coke. One of the reasons I love this show so much is that it combines my two favorite things Movies & Television. If you ever come across this show you should watch it. It is a lot of fun.
  • Why did you stray Todd Newton? This used to be such a better show with you involved..

    So the premise is still the same. 20 something minutes of trailers for movies, but lately it's been going downhill.

    First Todd Newton isn't on E! anymore so he isn't doing the show. I loved how he did the teasers for each trailer. The people they have now are crap. They couldn't act their way out of a paper bag.

    Second, when did we need trailers for movies coming out on DVD in 3 days or so? You are taking away from a trailer for a film someone may want to see in the theater. I don't need to know what new Disney sequel is coming to DVD on Tuesday okay?

    Needs retooling fast!
  • Good idea that could be done better

    I think that having a block of movie trailers really is a good idea, but it could be done better.

    First off, this was better before the internet, when it was hard to see movie trailers until just before the movie came out. Now, however, I can usually see a trailer online at least four months before the movie is released.

    That said, I do watch this show from time to time, and I have two more complaints.

    They really need to get better hosts. All the hosts I've ever seen are rather bland.

    Lastly, I don't think that they should have commercials since the show itself is a commericial.
  • A show that gives you previews for the latest movies so you don't have to go to the movies to check out the trailers.

    BEST IDEA EVER. I love being able to see what movies are coming out and when all from my own home. Nothing beats that. I am a person who always gets upset because I go to the movies and see a bunch of wicked cool Trailers and then forgets what happened in them, but with this show all I have to do if flip to E every so often and ill see that Wicked cool Trailer again!
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