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Coming of Age (UK)

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Coming of Age is a comedy show about the lives of five regular teenagers. It gives a teenage perspective on life and was even written by a teenager - 19 year old Tim Dawson. The series is a celebration of youth and, as well as being written by a teenager, stars five of the UK's top young comedy actors

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AIRED ON 3/8/2011

Season 3 : Episode 8

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  • Show: Boy - "Hello" Girl - "Hello Yourself" Boy - "I can't, i've tried, cats and dogs can though...can you hello me sometime?" Idiot who is watching it: "haha...penis"

    This "sitcom" is so awful that it is hard to write this review without vomiting bile. The scriptwriting is so shockingly embarrassing that any thicky with half a brain cell hair could write a joke to the same calibre that is frequently heard in Coming of Age. The "joke" in the summary was thought of as I was writing the summary, that isn't an arrogant boast - christ no.

    The "premise" is that of five 17 year olds bonking, thinking of bonking, about to bonk or complaining about their bonk life because there is not enough bonk. The "characters" are so 2D that audiences can get papercuts from them. You have the stupid chav (Ironically the audience are probably like this character the most and they themselves are laughing at him for being stupid), the innocent-childish one, the pointless one and the slutty one. The term 'slutty' for the slutty character is like calling saying The Black Plague was a bad bug that was going round. She could make a prositute blush. Her only saving grace is that the "actress" who plays her is attractive, unfortunately the fact she even considered taking part in the "sitcom" ruins this factor. The show reduces the average 17 year old into a sex-obsessed thickwit who does nothing except fail exams, eat pot noodle in the dark and fantasises having a quickie with the local slag behind a McDonalds that has been closed down due to reports of food poisoning. Let me summarise - If you are the sort of person who thinks Katie Price and Paris Hilton are great, who yells 'Boring' 10 seconds into Pulp Fiction or The Shining and who has never heard of John Lennon or Woody Allen and yet has heard of and adores Jedward - this "sitcom" is for you. For those who are intelligent and care about life, we have one saving grace - those idiot-crowd people who love this shockingly bad "sitcom" will spend the rest of their lives cleaning toilets. Laugh it up.moreless
  • If You Are A Two Pints Of Larger Fan, This Is For You.

    When i first watched an epsiode of this show i didnt know what to expect, There was nothing on TV and i stubbled across it, I was plesantly serprised. The show is witty and funny and fits in with young people of this day and age. The show is a lot like Two Pints Of Larger & A Packet Of Crisps but with a younger cast. You get rapped up in all the caractors and can at least relate to one of them wether it been like you when you was younger or a reminder of somone you may have known. I advise any Two Pints fans to give it ago. Great new show.moreless
  • This is a stupid show about stupid teenagers that will appeal to people that like stupid humour, or have been drinking and laugh at anything. It's a bit crude and funny for it.moreless

    This show is in the mold of other BBC Three shows; Two Pints of Lager and A Packet of Crisps and Grown Ups.

    I'm not sure that it has the longevity of those two shows because time is against them. Can you still be coming of age when you are in your early twenties?

    Like "Two Pints" I think this show is going to be a slow burner and probably wont find an audience until late into it's second series or maybe it's third if it gets a third series.

    The characters are likeable because of their stupidity and it's easy for you to start to get involved in their antics. This is definately one of those shows you say to yourself that you shouldn't like it, but you do.moreless
  • Ok so I might not straight up admit to watching it, but this is a great programme, with a good cast and strong scriptwriting. Well worth giving a watch!

    So it might not be a programme I'd straight up admit to watching but I have really enjoyed this fresh offering from the BBC which I was lucky enough to see after being recommended it on BBCi player.

    Not only does it capture teenage life incredibly well, but the young actors who depict the characters are superb, and the scripts are snappy and full of humour! Joe Tracini as DK, with his rapping is a highlight, as is Ceri Phillips depiction of Ollie who's interaction with a cardboard cut out Jeremy Clarkson has to be seen to be believed!

    Ok so the whole thing is very sexually charged, and aimed at quite a narrow audience, but I enjoy it! If you don't like that kind of thing it would be pointless watching the show!

    A good programme, in my mind well worth giving a try - you never know you might learn something about teenagers - that or you might laugh!moreless

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